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Found 12 results

  1. The rules for interacting say it can be done at anytime, can you still interact with an objective before sinister traps Pushes your character out of the range 1?
  2. If Mysterio is chosen as the character to play Sinister Traps in the first power phase, when the trap is eventually triggered, if it is triggered by an enemy character, is Mysterio considered to be the one rolling dice for the trap? As in, if a blank is rolled, will he gain a power?
  3. How does All Seeing Eye work with Sinister Traps and Well Laid Plans/Psychic Shockwave? Does it let you reroll with whoever played the card or can you not even use it?
  4. We found into a strange conundrum with orders of operation. Lizard attacks Baron Mordo and triggers his push, pushing Mordo into range of a nearby Sinister Traps. What triggers first? The Trap or Mordo's "Vaulting Boots of Valtorr"?
  5. This situation came up in our game tonight: Hammers on Map D Placing Baron Mordo (or any other M/L base character with extra power) max distance directly under the Extract. Opponent chooses the Extract near Mordo for Sinister Traps. ---- What happens if Mordo plays Eyes on the Prize, takes an action to gain power, then picks up the Trapped Extract that he is clearly in Range 2 of himself? I assume nothing directly happens to Mordo (or other character), but does it fizzle out the effect of Sinister Traps completely?
  6. What's the timing for sinister traps and indomitable? Would you be able to use the power from the damage of sinister traps to pay for indomitable to prevent the push?
  7. Trick or Treat from Green Goblin- Can an allied character push/throw/place an enemy character and trigger this? An enemy character that suffers the collision from Trick or Treat - does that mean they still can attempt to dodge this? Sinister traps tactic card- same question ^^^ regarding allied character push/throw/place an enemy character ?
  8. Hello all The sinister traps card says choose an allied character to play it if I choose Mysterio or Doc Ock when the trap is triggered and I roll dice if I can any blanks/Crits does Mysterio or Ock gain power for their traits Master of illusion/Scientific Hubris ?
  9. Does Sinister Traps effect triggers if the model is Placed within range 2 of objective tokens? Broadly speaking is Place cinsidered to be move for game effects? As for example Green Goblin's Trick or Treat mentions "moved or placed".
  10. we had a few questions on how this actually worked because reading it can make it seem one way or the other but essentially 1: do you gain power off taking damage from this TT 2: can this hit multiple people or once it hits the first person it is gone, the confusion on this part comes from the fact it says the first time a character ends a movement within range 2, it can be taken as each time a character moves within range 2 of the trap for the first time it can pop off. We understand that it is mean to be the first character and first character only but we just want to post for clarification and a reference note.
  11. Does sinister traps trigger once and then is done, or does it trigger for each character the first time they end within range 2?
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