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Found 11 results

  1. For the first part of Baron Strucker's leadership, if the attack does enough damage to daze or KO the enemy character can I still transfer one of the attacking character's special conditions to the enemy character? Or does the dazed happen first and prevent the application of the special condition?
  2. I'm curious gow the Hydra High Council leadership will interact with Omega Reds Death spore power. If you have not triggered the leadership that turn and you end Reds movement within 2 to trigger death spore, would that poison count towards the leadership trigger to heal. Also Vise versa, if an enemy ends their activation within 2 of red and gets poison, can that trigger the leadership if it hasn't already been used that turn?
  3. If a character is immune to a status effect, is the the token still placed and the character simply ignores its effects? This matters for some game effects that count how many status effects a target has on them.
  4. If I have a character that has immunity (bleed) and I inflict a special condition on them would they gain the special condition still and just not suffer the effect of it? In the rule book it states This character can’t suffer the listed special condition. If it has the special condition and gains Immunity to it, the character removes the special condition. But when talking about special conditions it states the character gains x condition not suffers. This would leave one to believe you would still put a token on the character as they gain the condition but they do not suffer the effects of the condition. Relevancy revolving around bleed and blade, or someone like drax. Or poison with omega red
  5. Came across this weird question tonight while playing. What is considered an enemy "effect"? Effect seems very broad and my thoughts are that if an enemy attack would give a character bleed that that bleed condition is an effect of the enemy character. If my thoughts are correct does that mean characters that have triggers off of enemy effects would have it trigger off debuff conditions put onto you by enemy? So I guess what I'm asking is... Is bleed an effect from an enemies attack that is considered an effect when done to a character. Effectception?
  6. Hello, Sorry again if there is already a topic about that but you know i'm dum. In case of an area attack or a beam attack, for example Magneto shrapnel Blast or Cyclop optic devastation, is every character (not allies) in range of the attack suffer the special condition stun (for Magneto) or concussion (with a wild for Cyclop) ?
  7. I have been playing that when u daze someone us till put the status conditions on them from the attack that dazes them in case they get brought back by cards like Field dressing. Is this correct of is it a case of they are dazed and do get it because they are dazed ??
  8. The wording for the Hex condition has changed and no longer includes the part about being unable to modify blanks, is the current/new version (in the latest rulebook version) correct?
  9. If a character gains a token for an effort that they are immune to, do they have the token at all? The reason for the ask is due to effects from abilities that trigger when a status condition is present. It's already been clarified that Omega Red take damage from his power thar does 2 to him, and to others in the area that have the Poison condition. What about other characters immune to poison? Would say an enemy Omega Red be able to get this token, and an Allied Omega red damage the enemy Omega Red with his power to damage those with the Poison token? Aa we see more abilities trigger off of conditions, this could come into play. Thanks!
  10. If an attack applies a special condition after the attack is resolved and the attack dazed the character does the special condition still apply for the purpose of field dressing For example baron zemo hits the wild trigger to apply bleed but dazed the character in the process
  11. This sentence in the rule book is unfortunately causing some confusion in our local community. "The most common way characters gain Power is by taking damage from enemy effects." Does this rule apply to the following scenarios? 1) Taking damage from Bleed status effect. 2) Taking collision damage from Throws.
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