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Found 9 results

  1. I was wondering, if you start a game with 51 percent affiliation, 5 man squad, 3 affiliated, 2 splash. Then use cloning banks to bring in another un- affiliated character effectively making your squad only 50 percent affiliated, would you lose the leadership ability for no longer having over 50 percent.
  2. would need some clarification on squad building, affliation and leadership. So if I were to make a roster of 10 characters of 6 of them is avengers and 4 of them is asgard. after the mission is formed, and for example we got a threat level of 16. Option A: i decided to use 4 avengers and 1 asgard. the leader chosen is captain america. does the leadership ability apply to the asgard character? Option B: i decided to use 4 asgard and 1 avenger. i didnt choose a leader. does this mean i get the affilation bonus of the asgard? and also does it apply to the avenger?
  3. Hi there. A friend of mine were wondering if the following was valid due to us disagreeing on the wording around affiliation. Would Malkieth, Enchantress, Skurge and Heimdall be a valid 17t squad? I think they would be as three models have the cabal keyword. However he feels they would not as three characters also have the Asgard keyword and it states that half your squad must from only one faction. Ay clarity on this would be great thanks!
  4. Hey, so just a little confusion regarding leadership and affiliation. From what I've gathered from the forum and rule book it should go something like this; 1. Make your squad in secret. Your squad must be equal to or less than the threat determined by the player without priority. 2. Pick your affiliation 3. Pick tactics cards, you may pick tactics that are affiliated 4. Reveal 5. Deploy 6. After deployment choose a leadership if you have multiple leaders of the same affiliation. The problem I see with this is that at no point do you declare affiliation, so if someone chose 5 unaffiliated team tactics cards they could in theory determine affiliation after deployment which I think is against the spirit of the game. If however they were to declare affiliation before choosing tactics cards the opponent could choose their tactics cards knowing what affiliation they're playing. How should the "squad building phase" be played?
  5. Hi, With the 'The Initiative' card revealed, does the card allow a squad of 2 SHIELD characters and 3 unaffiliated characters to form a legal SHIELD squad? At what point does the affiliation of the squad determined as it also affects tactic cards that can be brought. Thanks.
  6. Do grunts count for and or against affiliation when determining the 51% criteria to use a leadership?
  7. I am doing a web warriors list Can I or can I not have Spider man (Peter Parker)and Spider Man (Miles Morales). The rule book reads as if I can but I am being told I cannot by other players. The Rule book says "Building a Squad After the mission has been formed, players build their squads. To build a squad, players select characters from their roster that have a combined Threat Value equal to or lower than the Maximum Threat Value selected by the player without priority during mission setup. The chosen characters may not share the same Alter Ego. Players should not reveal the contents of their squads until it’s time to deploy their characters." So an Official ruling of Yes I can use Peter and Miles or No I can't and why would be useful right about now. Cause I really need to know before I go making my Avengers list next and spend the cash on amazing spiderman.
  8. If you were to bring a squad with the possibility to choose two different affiliations after deployment, can you bring tactics cards from both affiliations into your 5 selected tactics cards? For example, if you bring Dr Strange, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Blade, can you also bring Pentagrams and Siege of Darkness into your 5 even though once you choose your leadership, you will no longer be able to use the other affiliations’ card?
  9. If I have Swarm Tactics on Major Vonreg (as an example) who is Initiative 6, and I use it to increase an Omega Squadron Ace TIE/fo to i6, would the Automated Target Priority still work for the Omega Squadron Ace? Would it still function due to the printed pilot initiative of i3 on the card, or would the fact that it was increased in that round to i6 be nullified due to the requirements on the upgrade card to be less than i4?
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