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  1. An enemy trooper uh unit triggers a standby to a unit whose unit leader is base edge with terrain height. Can unit with standby perform a clamber down height 1?
  2. May a unit onboard an open transport take a standby action? Or just a standby token? When the vehicle moves does that unit loose standby token? (It has not made any further action after all) supposing the token was taken before the vehicle's activation Can the standby token be spent to disembark? E.g. snow troopers on gav Snow's activation, aim and standby Tank's activation: move + move/shoot or what else. Opponent's activation activates the standby Snow disembark and attack for steady. Of course if the first answer is NO, all other questions are useless eheheh.... Thanks
  3. Hi there Can a unit that attacked durings its activation use a standby token (for example from yoda or padme) to attack again? Thanks for clearification
  4. Scenario - the sabre tank is within range 2 of Anakin, Anakin activates, for his first action he takes a standby, can he then use force push to speed 1 an enemy into the sabre tanks standby range, share the standby, and with his 2nd action move + sabre throw or move & melee (if he has relentless ofc). the only thing potentially stopping this is Standbys 2nd bulletpoint If a trooper unit gains a suppression token or performs a move, an attack, or an action, it removes any standby tokens it has. and if using force push would remove the standby. Being that force push is a free card ability I’m hoping it wouldn’t remove the standby?
  5. If a unit within standby range (of enemy unit) and line of site moves, either out of standby range or out of line of site, does the move trigger the standby? The move action starts in LoS and range, but ends out of LoS or range. Does it trigger?
  6. For clarification, if a MKII is holding a standby token and an enemy unit activates within standby range. That unit decides to move behind LOS blocker for his first action, Can the MKII attack that unit before he gets out of sight or does the standby resolve after the move is complete? In this case leaving no eligible defenders.
  7. Does a unit with a faceup order using fire support remove a standby token on that same unit?
  8. Hi there, Yoda is at range 2 from enemy unit with stanby token and uses Guidance on friendly unit that ends action at range 4 from enemy unit, having the latter LOS to both friendly units. Can enemy unit spend the standby token?
  9. Can Yoda Guidance a unit to standby if that unit attacked during it’s activation. referencing this section “A unit can only perform the standby action if it has not performed an attack during its activation.” (pg 76, “Standby”) that seems to prevent this interaction
  10. Apologies if this has already been asked. A unit has a standby token and triggers it due to the standby rules, can it then choose to attack a different unit or is it just the one that has triggered the standby that can be targeted. Thanks
  11. There’s a lot of token sharing between the sabre tank and Padme in my local meta but rules state that repulsor vehicles (I.e sabre tank) cannot perform standby actions so it seems an invalid option. I also wondered if repulsor vehicles still apply the cover keyword in melee? I know they don’t benefit from terrain cover but is the cover keyword different? Thanks
  12. Example - sabre tank has one ion token, through padmes exemplar it gets to use her standby token, as a unit of B1’s stumble into range 2 of it. Can it use the standby to shoot anything in range or because of the ion token is it unable to use the standby from padme? If it can’t use it for an action can it “use” it and then lose the ion token (I doubt this as ion token says after a units activation but you never know)
  13. Hi there, Tricky question: If I was activating a PH1 clone squad with a face-up order token, and managed to trigger a friendly units standby, causing the friendly unit to attack, would I be able to trigger the fire support on the PH1 squad I was activating. If so, what would happen? Cheers
  14. Republic Chewbacca plays the command card “Size Matters Sometimes” and starts to carry Yoda. If Yoda takes a standby action and then Chewbacca moves later in the turn, does Yoda lose his standby after he is placed in base contact of Chewbacca following Chewie’s move? Or does he get to keep it because Yoda was not the one preforming the move action? Thanks!
  15. You take a standby. Opponent engages a friendly unit and moving into your standby range. Your standby can be triggered but the opponent moved into melee. Can you shoot them even though the opponent moved into melee with the other friendly unit?
  16. Guys apologies if these newb questions have been answered i tried searching but did not find them If you give a Dodge token to an AT-ST and then your opponent attacks with a weapon with IMPACT can you use the dodge to block a hit BEFORE the IMPACT converts it into a critical? We kind of guessed NO, which meant there was zero point in an armoured vehicle having a dodge token, is that correct? I believe that if a unit with STANDBY has an enemy unit activate they can then shoot at them AFTER the enemy unit has completed it's activation? If the enemy unit just moves out of range can the standby unit still fire? Thanks very much Andy
  17. If an enemy squad is force pushed into standby range, can that trigger the standby? Or dies the enemy unit need to make the move on their own? Thank you
  18. Question Please. If Padme shares a standby to a unit with exemplar, can Yoda than Guidance another standby to Padme after the first one has been spent. thank you
  19. Hello, I understand the standby sharing as of distances and execution. My question is, can a unit without an order token or a unit that has already activated spend that exemplar standby? thank you
  20. Hit there, As Iden Versio gains a dodge and a standby at the end of her activation from the Pulse Scan Command card I understand that they are treated differently than when one takes a dodge or standby action. My question: If Iden performed an attack during her activation can she use the standby token granted from the command card to perform an attack if the standby is triggered later in the round? Thanks for your help and all of your work on this forum, what a great resource. Jay
  21. Can a repulsor vehicle spend a standby token that is shared via Luminous Beings are We or Exemplar?
  22. If I play hello there with Obi wan and there is at least 1 unit within range 1. If I take 1 standby token and on Obi wans activation perform a move action and charge into a enemy Trooper unit, do I keep the stanbty. And if I do can I spend it to perform a move and charge into a Trooper unit again?
  23. Standbys are only ever removed by action, moves, or suppression as noted by the RRG. Vader's Might Standby, this post suggests that a placement would also remove standbys. My question is involving displacement and - courage units such as Commander Vader. If Commander Vader takes a standby and is immediately displaced by a bus, would he keep his standby as he didn't gain a suppression or move, or would the standby get removed following the ruling with Vader's Might and placements?
  24. If an enemy unit moves into base contact with a unit that has a standby token, and that unit with the standby has to move minis to get all of the unit into melee…does it lose the standby token? Is this considered a move? Or can standby be triggered first?
  25. Hello, Suffix 1 is for blue player's units, 2 is for the opponent's. Units A1 and B1 have both a standby token and are in base contact with unit A2. Two other units B2 and C2 also have a standby token. Let's assume everyone is at range 2 of each other. A2 withdraws, what would be the order of operations? A1 and B1 can trigger their standbys before B2 and C2 can? or A1 triggers which triggers B2 who would then be able to shoot at B1 and strip off their standby token for instance? Thanks
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