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Found 15 results

  1. Couldn't find it else where so thought best to ask. Does a rapid fire or flurry style second attack recheck for stealth prior to the second attack commencing or does it skip that bit as the first attacked checked for the both attacks ??
  2. If a character were to declare an attack against a character with stealth, would the attack action be spent? My reasoning for the question is that step 1 is to choose an attack and step 2 is declaring a target. So you have already entered the attack action by the time you reach step 2 (potentially 2.b when you measure range) and if there are no other targets available, then how does it resolve in regards to step 2.c? Thanks!
  3. When Marked for Death is played onto an enemy character, the card states that the enemy "cannot gain Stealth". I'm a bit confused by this choice of wording - this sounds like a character cannot have the Stealth superpower added to it (through the use of a Tactic card or another character's superpower/leadership granting it Stealth, as examples). Is that the intended meaning? Or is this trying to say that characters who already have Stealth on their card as innate superpowers (e.g. Black Cat) cannot use it or gain the benefit it provides?
  4. Since you only measure range from the Astral Ring token, am I correct in assuming that to target a character with stealth, the model that played Astral Ring must still be within 3 of the stealthed character to target it with an attack? Unless stealth is ignored, of course. :)
  5. Scenario: Winter Soldier targets Red Skull and then Red Skull uses Hail Hydra switching the target to allied Mysterio but Winter Soldier is outside of Mysterio's Stealth. Does this attack still occur? Does Winter Soldier lose his action? Thank you.
  6. Cap throws his shield at Miles, currently within range 3 on a building. Gwen life savers him. He’s now behind the building and outside of range 3, but within the range 4 of the attack. Is Miles still a valid target? Why?
  7. If an ally has stealth at range greater than 3, will they be hit by the 1 point of damage from a beam attack?
  8. Сould Red Skull redirect attack to Black Widow using Hail Hydra ability even when attacker is not within 3 from her (ignoring Stealth ability)?
  9. Hi Say Captain America throws his shield and hits his target within range 4 and then wants to use Ricochet on Mystique that is within range 3 of the hit character but is beyond range 3 from Captain America. Can Ricochet still target and hit Mystique or does her stealth ability protect her? Regards
  10. If Cyclops shoots @ a target at range 4 & another target with Stealth is between them but over range 3 away do you just not roll an attack on the stealth figure?
  11. Is Goddess of Storms considered to be “Stealth” for the purpose of playing Acute Senses?
  12. Can i target stealth characters on 4 range beam attacks? Or i need be in 3 regardless of type of my attack
  13. Can Venom Push Mystique with Web Snare if she is outside range 3? can Venom Push an enemy model by using Web Snare if they are under the effect of Shadow Organization and outside of range 2? thanks!
  14. If magneto would be using shrapnel blast vs black widow but measuring from the construct can black widow still be targeted since yoy u can decide to do all measuring from the construct? Or since stealth specifically labels character this wouldn't work unless magneto was within 3 still?
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