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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, It seems that since the rule book has been updated (31/03/2022) this particulary notification change a little bit the way to play. It seems clear that when a caracter has finished all of his action(s) he can perform super powers (like throwing things) or interact with objectives. - If a character want's to perform a super power first does he loose his or all his actions ? - If the super power is a charge (like For Asgard) does the second action is lost because this is a super power ? Thanks a lot
  2. Hi again. Some slight confusion with me and my group.... We know u can do any 2 actions in your activation... So move,move or move, attack, or As i thought move, attack, superpower. One of the guys noticed some rules on stat cards like Toads "Hop" in where you can spend 2 power to move 2 range and it's an "action" super power as it takes one of your 2 actions to use it... the confusion lies in where my mate suggested why would you use and action to hop when you could just move S??? Got us thinking and is it right in thinking that... You can use 2 actions in an activation (and any super power with "action" proceeding it), but you can also use any of your super powers that doesn't have "action" before it and isnt a reactive superpower, as long as you pay the power cost related. Example- Toad could move once, attack once, then use "Hop" for 2 power to move 2 range? Is this correct? Thanks in advance
  3. I have looked through the rulebook and am unsure of Superpower usage. Can I use the same Superpower more than once as long as I have the power to spend on it? I see some list "...only once per turn" and that is why I ask. If so, is it limited to type such as reactive or what? Thanks in advance as I am just not seeing it in the book and I tried a search here and didnt see the answer, Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Do I need line of sight to target an enemy or an ally with a superpower? For example: do I need line of Sight to target an enemy with Web Line? Or do I need line of sight to target an ally with Cosmic Portal (Thanos ability)
  5. A very noob question: in the rulebook it says that one character may use superpowers or interact with objectives AFTER having made its two actions. Do I understand this correctly? So for example I cannot move, interact with objective, move again. Or move, use active power, attack. The rule book is misleading... Thank you
  6. I looked and did not find any topics on this subject. Such as Loki's "god of mischief", do other such innate superpowers (unless specified i.e. Crystal's ttc) still affect the game when the source character is dazed? Leadership abilities do and those would be concidered innate if anything.
  7. good afternoon ask if gems have to have line of sight, let me explain the gem of the mind can move a character, need line of sight?
  8. If a reactive power's triggering conditions are met outside of the Activation Phase, can the power be used? For example, Sin's leadership ability, Red Mayhem, can result in enemy characters being pushed during the Cleanup Phase. If the push moves the enemy character to within range three of an allied Cassandra Nova, can Cassandra then pay two power and use Psychic Distractions even though it's the Cleanup Phase and not the Activation Phase? (I realize there are reactive powers like Agent Black Widow's Interrogate superpower that specify they are to be used in a particular phase outside of the Activation Phase, so this question is for when a phase isn't specified by the superpower, which is by far the majority of reactive superpowers.)
  9. Hi everybody, I'm one of the member of the french growing MCP community and a new player. My question could seems dumb to you but does a character keep his superpower points when he is dazed ? I've read the rules in english multiple times (maybe I understood them wrongly) and I can't see anywhere that a character loose his superpower points when dazed. Here in France, everybody remove all the superpowers when the characters are dazed. Thank you for the clarification.
  10. Hi, I have a question about turn and rounds. I give an example directly. Why Wong in his superpowers is written once per rounds. while in many other characters they can only use super powers once per turn. What changes in practice? turn are meant, the various turns of activation of the characters? and rounds are the six rounds or more of the overall game? it's right? another example, the leadership defenders of arcadia: an X character takes damage from two attacks, so he can give 1 power to character Y and one power to character Z. later in the same rounds character B suffers damage following two attacks, so he can give again, 1 power to character Y and one power to character Z.?
  11. Hello, sorry for my English (Google translation). a character has 2 actions, ok, so he can use them for movements, combat acts. can he use 2 actions for combat actions? and most importantly, if he has enough energy, can he use as much super power as he wants ?? for example, in 1 activation he can attack 2 times and, if he has the necessary energy, use 2 or 3 super powers ?? can we use the same attack or super power several times? thank you in advance !!!!
  12. Hi! This came up during a game regarding blind obsession when mystique is on the opposing side. So is using the bonus from blind obsession considered "using" the card? Or is "use" in this case only referring to playing the card? Im guessing the same question can come up during other cards (or powers?) that are reactive but have a lasting affect in the game.
  13. So, in our community we have a question. Are super powers that cause damage like counter attack generate power to target character? We didnt find anything about it.
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