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Found 21 results

  1. Quick question. We are playing the Infinity Gauntlet Ultimate Encounter. One player has a squad of Midnight Sons and another has a squad of Defenders. The player with Midnight Sons uses a MS character, say Blade, to activate the Siege of Darkness tactic card which allows all their MS characters to take a free attack. Does that also mean that any MS characters on the Defenders affiliated squad would also get a free attack? Even though, for that scenario, they are affiliated with the Defenders and not Midnight Sons. Thanks and have a great day! Shayne
  2. Can models like Kingpin, Crossbones, and Juggernaut who can pay to reduce damage taken reduce the damage of tactics cards like No Matter the Cost or Dark Empowerment where they have chosen to take the damage as part of the card's cost?
  3. I had a probably rare occurrence come up in a recent game. Carnage sitting on one wound left went up to attack Wong, but Luke Cage played Heroes for Hire to jump in and take the attack. I had the card Neogenetic Recombinator available to be played, so my question is this: is there a time available to me to play Neogenetic Recombinator after my attack on Luke Cage, but before the throw generated by Heroes for Hire? My thought is yes, because H4H says "After the attack is resolved . . . " and I am still the active player which fulfills the requirements of NR. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Is it possible to discard The Bar With No Doors in order to get the Book of Cagliostro back in my available tactics cards? Or is the Bar With No Doors already in play and thus considered "unavailable"?
  5. I was wondering if lockjaw can play his tactic card where be saves a lot character and teleports them 1" from him if lockjaw is dazed himself. Thank yoi
  6. I'm attacking an enemy character and my opponent plays "lethal protector" to have their Venom take the hit. He moves his Venom to within range 3 of two of my characters. Can I play "Disarm" before the attack hits Venom (in anticipation of So Many Snacks)?
  7. Quick question. If your team is affiliated (ex. Uncanny X-men) and a character in your team does not have the affiliation (ex. Punisher). Does that character benefit from tactics cards that are specifically for that affiliation (ex. First Class).
  8. With the tactics card "To Me, My X-men", can the leader that spends the power, move themselves or is it impossible to move towards yourself?
  9. After declaring an attack action but before declaring the attack, x-men blue leadership is used to reduce the cost. After selecting the attack, No Matter the Cost is played to further reduce the power cost. If power was spent through x-men blue leadership and up to 3 power can be spent on No Matter the Cost: can the attack be played without spending power from the active character (blue happens before the attack, reduces to no less than one, then No matter the cost reduces the cost again) Or, does the clause from blue leadership prevent from No Matter the Cost reducing the power cost below 1 as well? On a four cost attack: (a) 1 power paid to blue, 3 to No Matter the Cost and no power is spent from the attacking character (1 power from another character, 3 damage to the attacking character) -or- (b) 1 power paid to blue, and No Matter the Cost is effectively capped at 2; 1 power must be spent. (1 power from another character, 2 damage to and 1 power from the attacking character) is (a) a legal play or is the interaction required to be played as in (b)?
  10. So say you control 3 hammers and play All According to the plan you have to pay a minimum 10 to activate the ability of the card if you control 3 characters each with a hammer do you pay 13? Or how does the interaction work.
  11. Hi! This came up during a game regarding blind obsession when mystique is on the opposing side. So is using the bonus from blind obsession considered "using" the card? Or is "use" in this case only referring to playing the card? Im guessing the same question can come up during other cards (or powers?) that are reactive but have a lasting affect in the game.
  12. Hello, If I play Team Tactics card which allows model to take attack action once during its activation (like Heavy Ordnance or Ricochet Blast) does this action counts toward one of the two actions the model can take during activation?
  13. Hi, question for Black Order officinados. Or I may have missed something in the rules, but can you play tactics cards 'price of failure' and 'all you've got' in the same activation/character? At KO status. Feels like i can't but wonder about others thoughts. One KOs at end of activation, other KOs instantly. Is there a combo here is timed right? Thanks
  14. If I pay 2 energy and spend an Action for Charge and it is countered by Shhh... I know that I still pay my energy, but do I also still spend the Action? Why in either case?
  15. How long mystic portal of strange is in the game. Until the end of a turn or until end of a round. And can enemy characters use them?
  16. No matter the cost or Uneasy Allies. I have to pay the power for each hammer to play these cards too? The word additional creates some confusion to me. Ty in advance.
  17. In the Fear Grips World crisis, it says a character must pay 1 additional power per hammer to play team tactics cards. If a team tactics card has no power cost, such as Deception, does holding a hammer create a power cost? The use of the word "additional" has me confused.
  18. Hi everyone! If I'm fielding a squad that can qualify for two affiliations and I don't choose any affiliated tactic cards when would I pick and announce what affiliation I'm playing? Is it the same rule as choosing a leadership ability when fielding two leaders for the same affiliation? For example, last night I played a 17 threat crisis where I used Dr. Strange, Wong, Captain America, Wasp, and Winter Soldier and I took the cards Seven Suns of Cinnibus, Till the End of the Line, Pym Particles, Follow Me, and Field Dressing. Could I pick if I were playing Defenders or Avengers after deployment? Or is affiliation always revealed when squads/tactics are revealed? Thanks!
  19. When the core rules state "A player may play Reactive Team Tactic cards only when the listed trigger condition is met and only once per triggering event" does this mean that if I have two tactics cards that have the same trigger, I can only play one of them? Or is it future proofing for a tactics card that is not discarded or otherwise could potentially be played multiple times on a single trigger? Is this the same or different for super powers? While a reactive super power can only be triggered once from an event, if there are multiple super powers that could be triggered off the same event, would this be limited to my choice of one or could both be triggered?
  20. So as the game releases new models we are getting duplicates of tactics cards already out. Does this mean if I own a second copy of said card like r&d can I put both in my list? Or is this more for people who did t buy the starter.
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