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  1. Nick Fury Sr, and Howling commandos Infiltration card states an allied character places the flare token if they are not on the field, and place the howling commandos during the cleanup phase. What phase during the cleanup phase would they come in? I'm trying to see if I can have them come in during the first portion of the cleanup phase so they can contest or score objectives if I place them close enough.
  2. If I use Sleeper agent on a character, and they attack an enemy, do not daze them with the attack roll itself, but daze them with a throw built into the attack, do I lose Subterfuge as the attack did not daze them even if the throw after did. E.G. I use Sleeper Agent on Black Swan, she attacks an enemy with Everything Dies, they are not dazed, but I trigger the throw and manage to throw them into terrain, dealing one damage and dazing them. My assumption is that because the throw here is 'after the attack has resolved' I will lose Subterfuge, but Im honestly not sure.
  3. If a non-grunt character is thrown into a grunt, is Brace for Impact able to be used?
  4. Does it need to be a Hydra Affiliated characters activation when World Domination is played? I.E. Red Skull and Grunts are controlling secure objectives. Mystique moves to control the final objective. At this point, Red Skull can play World Dominatio during Mystiques activation, correct? Thanks
  5. Hi, it's write on the card "the target character may advance S" . this movement is perform by the player that own the target character or the player that own SLDD? If the target charcter is out of range / LOS after the s movement is the attack still valide? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  6. The rules for interacting say it can be done at anytime, can you still interact with an objective before sinister traps Pushes your character out of the range 1?
  7. Let’s say a Mark 4 Sentinel uses plasma leak and kills themself. Lockjaw is within 3 (but outside of 2) of the Mark 4, and has 3 power. Sentinel Prime is slightly further than 3 of Lockjaw and has 8 power. Is there any reason that the following combo is not possible: 1. Mark 4 plays Scrap metal, and does everything on that card. 2. Lockjaw plays last minute save, preventing the Sentinel from being KOed and placing it within 1 of Lockjaw (it is now within 3 of Sentinel Prime). 3. Sentinel Prime plays Online and Operational, returning the Mark 4 to full heath.
  8. Hello, I have a question about the team tactical cards "Online and operational". To use this card, does it have to be the activation of the sentinel prime or the sentinel prime can use it when activating another sentinel characther? Thanks in advance for your answer
  9. Does Under Your Skin allow a Sentinels player to make any model count towards the 51% required for affliation? Because otherwise a whole tactics card for just flight and immunity [Bleed Poison] seems...odd given the weight of text given the former ability [count as Sentinel].
  10. The new spoiled World Domination states: Does it means that this card works only on the pay to flip secures (deadly meteors, SWORD, Spider-Portals, Mutant Madman)? since those objectives state that you control them. It seems the right wording but then the rest of the card states that you get benefits from characters securing them so you still get to be within 1 of those objectives. The card seems counter-intuitive so I wanted to be certain that is the correct way to play it. Thanks
  11. I am new. I am reading through the team-up cards and with the different wording on each one, I'm not sure who is intended to spend the power. Different wordings include: - COSMIC INVIGORATION: "If Red Skull is within 2 of another allied character with an Activation token, they may spend 2 power each to play this card." This uses the word "each" which tells me for sure, both Red Skull and the other model must spend 2 power (net 4) to play this card. Compare to the next one - - TO ASH AND CINDER: "A the start of the Activation Phase, Sin or Crossbones may spend 2 power to play this card." Since this uses the word "or", I read this to mean either / or, but not both. These 2 interpretations make sense to me, but then we get to - - ILLICIT TECH: "During Crossbones' or Sin's activation, they may spend 1 power to play this card." I interpret the word "they" to mean the BOTH must spend 1 power (net 2) for this card to be played. But it doesn't use the word "each" or the word "or" as in the above 2 cards, so I am confused.
  12. Baron Strucker's leadership allows a character to be healed 1 each turn while fulfilling the conditions. Can a character be healed multiple times per round? Additionally team tactics cards like trip up note two characters paying power to apply two conditions. Can you divide up who is applying which condition is being applied by which character? Can they unevenly distributed between the two? I have more follow up questions depending on the answer of this. Thank you! B
  13. Hello, I have a question about team tactic cards giving affiliation to a character (the Initiative for example). Does the character count towards 51% of the squad to unlock leader affiliation ? Thanks
  14. When a Hydra player plays inevitable betrayal on someone benefiting from Illicit Network, does the leadership affect the targeted character in any way?
  15. If I have two characters that pay for trip up while under Baron Strucker's leadership if the attack is successful will both characters get benefit of Strucker's leadership?
  16. Escort to Safety can be used on an allied character when it becomes target, but the card doesn't specify by an attack so, can i use it, for example, when an opposing characters wants to advance me to get out of the range of their superpower?
  17. If I play the Tactics Card Dark Aura Manifestation, and then Darkstar gets dazed, does the effect stay in play through the rest of the round?
  18. If Scientific Method was played on Hood, and Hood transformed. Would the abilities it grant carry over to the transformed character?
  19. Does nick fury Sr and the howling commandos count towards your model count for priority purposes during rounds they are not on the table yet
  20. The basic question is if you receive power at step 12 when enough wounds would KO a character. Ultron has 6 power and 3 wounds left on him on his injured side. Ultron is then attacked and dealt 3 wounds enough to KO Ultron. Does Ultron receive 3 power from the wounds to then have enough power to enable the use of "Age of Ultron", 8 power, or would he be removed from play before receiving the power from the wounds. It is a little confusing as step 12 you receive wounds but also power from the wounds. Page 21 for KO says remove all effects then remove figure from play but nothing about if you would still receive the power. Needless to say I thought the former was how to play it but my opponent thought otherwise. We played it Ultron survived but want to know the actual proper interpretation. Thanks
  21. For High Council to be played Johann Schmidt needs to have 6 power and not be dazed. If he is KOed, damage and power will have been applied by the effect before he is removed from the table. If he has 6 or more power on his card but is KOed, can the card still be played if the other three requirements are met?
  22. I know this card isn't out yet but the question is actually about the wording of the condition stagger. If I activate Red Skull, Master of Hydra and attack to get the energy needed to play occult research does my next action have to go to remove stagger or would i be able to pass it off with an attack using Baron Struckers leadership ability?
  23. Hypothetically, if rocket uses sacrifice to take an attack, and he then has groot take the attack, can groot add or modify dice or is he limited by sacrifice? So someone attacks gamora, she and rocket play sacrifice, rocket uses personal bodyguard and groot is now the target. Groot rolls a crit and wants to use a winging it token. Can he or does sacrifice prevent that? Thanks!
  24. In Cosmic Invigoration it lists Red Skull, but since Red Skull, Master of Hydra is still Red Skull and is the first part of the name, can he use Cosmic Invigoration? If the bolded name is part of the overall name can they use those cards? The only other ones I think this could apply to would be Nick Fury and Spider-Man
  25. Malekith is defending and plays K'un Lun Training, as Malekith is the source of the effect of K'un Lun and Conqueror the the Ten Realms affects the attacking character; can Malekith re roll the opponent attack roll?
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