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  1. If Crystal plays the card Elemental Infusion under Baron Strucker's leadership and an allied character deals damage to an enemy character while the card is active, is the source of the condition the tactics card for the purposes of determining if the character gets to heal 1 damage?
  2. How does All Seeing Eye work with Sinister Traps and Well Laid Plans/Psychic Shockwave? Does it let you reroll with whoever played the card or can you not even use it?
  3. Is the damage taken from black bi frost before or after the placement
  4. To further expand on this, with escort to safety. If Steve Rogers plays the card to save Sam Wilson from an attack, can Steve push Sam through himself if the movement would finish legally or does Sam collide with Steve? Based on the above Steve is playing Escort to safety so core rules where you ignore yourself for push throws should be the same, right?
  5. If I understand from another post, any time dice are rolled for a character, it is considered that character to be rolling the dice. The example given was Sin's leadership triggering Scientific Hubris and other similar abilities. Does this mean that if my opponent played Well-Laid Plans or Psychic Shockwave and a character within range of All-Seeing Eye is affected by the roll, Heimdall can spend the power to force a reroll of up to two of those dice?
  6. In the TT card The Grand Illusion is it Mysterio's crits that are turned into skulls or the enemy characters crits? To me it sounds like the enemy but a friend disagrees.
  7. Hi, Well-laid plans dazed an enemy character and Winter Soldier wants to use Got Your Back. We suppose WLP it's and enemy effect but Who is the enemy character who suffers this attack in response. WS can choose beetween Doc Ock and GG? Many Thanks
  8. When playing the card "Do You Know Who I Am?", is Juggernaut considered to be making the throw? The card doesn't explicitly say who is doing the throw (compared to Pym Particles that states the chosen character makes the throw) and I wanted to know if Juggernaut could throw through his own base as with the typical throw process or if it's different when the throw comes from this card.
  9. If Ebony Maw and Supergiant play this card and daze/ko an opponent holding a objective token while under Corvus' leadership will they each receive an energy?
  10. When playing Terrigenesis with a Heimdall on the table who, if anyone could benefit from rerolls? The character playing the card, if near an allied heimdall? The enemy being rolled for, if near their allied Heimdall? Neither?
  11. All of these cards result in a throw but they don't state "Collossus may throw, or Thor may throw, or Juggernaut may throw implying the card is the source of the throw. so first part, with these cards throwing characters and the one that does terrain you may not throw through the character correct? for example wolverine and colossus are in range to do fastball, but wolverine is behind colossus, so you would not be able to throw through colossus since he technically is not the one performing the throw but the card is the source of the throw. With Juggernauts card he cant throw terrain through himself for the same reasoning correct? Last part if Juggernaut is not the source of the throw but the card it is assumed you still measure the terrain throw from Juggernauts Base but is this true since the card is the source not Juggernaut?
  12. If the tactics card Sacrifice is used on an attack with Rapid Fire, may the defender add additional dice or modify dice during the second attack?
  13. Can these work together? I know movement can mean many things in this game so just wondering because its not stating a move action on forefend would the word movement on the face me card count for triggering it?
  14. If Cyclops is attacked by an attack that prevents adding and modifying defense dice, can he use Quick Draw to still give himself 5 defense dice? The tactics card Sacrifice would be an example of such an effect.
  15. The card reads "... defending against an attack this round..." It does not read "... defending against attacks this round ..." That wording means it applies to one ("an") attack. Is that the intention or should it worded differently so that it works against all attacks that round?
  16. Can Nick Fury use Eye in the sky on himself when playing shield affiliation
  17. With shhh and no more mutants can they be played during the power phase on something like juggs damage reduction? Would he be unable to do the damage reduction the rest of the power phase if holding more cubes?
  18. If Magneto attacks a character within range 2 with reverse polarity he will get rerolls on the attack, if the character who was attacked then plays Fall Back to be outside of range 2 would the second part of reverse polarity then trigger allowing Magneto to push the character as they are now outside of range 2? Thank you
  19. As we have now new restrictions of timelines there is a question to ask. We have 2 different Grievous Wounds cards - one in enchantress (if I remember it correctly) pack with web-warriors symbols and one in Omega Red pack with x-men symbol. Card pack 2022 doesn’t include updated variant of this card from Ench pack. Does this mean that it’s banned for standard timeline?
  20. This is referring to some interactions of 'eye in the sky', but all abilities that move the target of an attack when they are targeted, but then refund an action if they move out of range. 1) If for his first action Sam Wilson (SW) pays to charge, makes the move then declares the attack on Hulkbuster (HB), but then Nick Fury (NF) uses eye in the sky to move HB out of range, does SW get an action back? Which means he gets the first move action, then now 2 actions leftover? 2) If HB uses hit and run, then targets SW. NF uses eye in the sky to move SW out of range of HB, in doing so, refunds HB the action back. Does HB still get his 'hit and run' advance still? Then have his 2 actions leftover as one was refunded? Or, does HB lose his hit and run advance as he couldn't make the attack action (and would he get refunded for the power of hit and run)? 3) If Iron Man (I'm), uses Friday ai, and targets SW, but NF uses eye in the sky to move SW out of range. Does Friday Ai get wasted? Or does it still apply to the next attack action I'm does? 4) Similarly with if Loki pays for 'I am a god', but his target gets eyes in the sky out of range, will his power get refunded?
  21. The bottom portion of the Sacrifice text uses 'It' to identify the new attack target, and uses it again when stating 'It cannot add additional defense dice to its defense roll and cannot modify its dice during this attack.' It has already been ruled that this wording does not prevent other characters such as Cable and/or Dr Strange from adding dice to the new target's defense pool, provided they themselves are not the new target, so does this also mean that the new target is allowed to reroll defense dice if the source of the reroll originates from another character as well, such as Zemo or Shuri?
  22. Hello, If I use the tactic "Battle lust" with Carnage followed by the A2 attack "Maximum Carnage". do all the Targets of that attack Benefit from the extra dices since it is a single "attack" with different Targets?
  23. Hello, I wanted to confirm the order of things happening for Ghost Rider and Hela. Its already been confirmed in the forum that Hela's Queen of Hel ability can prevent her from being KO'd from Deal with the Devil if she has 3 souls, however if at the moment when Ghost Rider gets KO'd Hela only has 2 souls does she get the 3rd soul from Ghost Rider being KOd or does Deal with the Devil negate his KO? The order of events as I see it is below but please let me know if I am wrong Ghost Rider reaches 7 stamina on his injured side Ghost Rider is KO'd Hela gets her 3rd Soul Token Before Ghost Rider is removed from the table he plays Deal with the Devil Hela is chosen as the target character Hela is KO'd Hela uses her 3 soul tokens to avoid being KO'd Thank you
  24. How does astral ring and the secure crisis super-powered scoundrels interact. Example questions If I have my dr strange contesting the middle objective token and I place an astral ring contesting any of the outside tokens. Do my opponents models benefit from cover from my attacks if they are contesting the point on which my astral ring is contesting? Do I benefit from cover from attacks that come from characters not contesting the point to which my astral ring is on?
  25. Does Cruel Tutelage only add dice to the first attack in a beam or area attack, or all attacks?
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