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  1. Hi Sorry can't find anything in the rules but how does terrain traversal work? If a character is size 3 for example and terrain is size 2 can they just do a full movement over and through the terrain? So wall crawlers and flyers just go straight over and also someone like juggernaut (size 4) would go straight over a car (size 2) for example? Or does the character need to have a special condition such as Wall crawler to go over terrain unhindered? And also if the terrain is size 2 and the character is size 2 does the character then need to do a S movement to climb onto the terrain before continuing? Thanks in advance
  2. Can anyone see anyone? If Widow is on Size 3 can she see Bucky or vice versa? Or should that be considered one piece of terrain since they are against each other?
  3. I know, i already see some responses, but, they don't conviced me. My english is not very good, sry for that, When I read the rules of covers, my interpretation is this one (not the one i read sometimes in the forum) If i'm wrong, for me, the rules must be updated to mention the fact of touching the terrain feature is sufficient to grant cover. Thx
  4. When setting up a board to play a game of MCP it is highly considered a hard rule to not have any terrain within range 2 of a board edge as well range 2 of other pieces of terrain. Is this a recommendation from the developers or something that should be followed strictly to promote gameplay?
  5. This is weird to me. Rules state “…positions the movement took with one end touching the character performing the throw.” Is the even if the terrain feature is 3 distance away (as in “Ock’s Clutches)? place the movement tool next to Doc Ock, or next to the terrain feature? Thanks!
  6. So the Quinjet cannot be thrown or destroyed in any way as its size X correct? But that being the case what is its size in terms of climbing actions (if you can even move on top of it to begin with)? And I assume characters can still be thrown into it to take damage?
  7. Hello! Quick one... If iron man for example is stood atop a size 3 or 4 terrain piece, and another charecter same size as iron man is on the floor but within range of attacks. Can the charecter on the floor target ironman up on the building or would iron man be able to be targeted or would the charecter on the floor have to make a climb action to get on the same level to be able to target him? Thanks in advance 👌
  8. Hi everyone. I had a weird scenario come up in a game last week with the construction building. My opponent placed his movement tool against the stair case, moved his character, but could not balance on the building. I referred to the rules stating a model must be able to balance on a terrain piece in order to be placed there, or has to return to the closest position on the movement tool. Since he would have to back out to the staircase and could balance there, it would make his base over-hang from the staircase and would also violate the rules, so he would have to back out further to be just adjacent to the staircase. He argued that the terrain is treated as 2 dimensional in terms of its footprint, and if a model can make it into the footprint it can "float" without needing to balance. He also mentioned he could use blue tac to keep his model on the building if it was really an issue. So my 2 questions: Can a model "float" within the footprint of a terrain piece? Can you use blue tac to adhere a tippy model to terrain that it would otherwise not be able to balance on? Thanks in advance!
  9. Let's say that I have Spiderman (size 2) on top of a container (size 2). He's targeting a hero and between the two there is a shop (size 3). The rules state that "A character on top of a terrain feature ignores that terrain feature when determining if it has LOS to another character or object." Does this mean that it doesn't use the added height to determine if it sees the target? Do I treat this like size 2 tries to target a size 2 that's behind a size 3 object? Or a size 4 that tries to target a size 2 behind an object that's size 3?
  10. The roxxon sign included in the sentinel terrain is size 3, so size 2 characters standing on either side of the sign do not have line of sight to each other even though the terrain has a large opening between the pillars holding the sign. Is this correct?
  11. Is it possible to place a miniature as per the attached imagine? Or does the base be entirely within the edge of the terrain feature?
  12. Hi! In this question, I am referring to the different scenery we can find in our games of MCP, with different level rooftops, barriers or other items that prevent putting miniature bases completely over them. According to the rulebook, a character cannot end a movement with its base partially overlapping a terrain feature. That includes the sometime irregular shapes of some terrain features (different level rooftops, barriers inside a building feature, pyramidal skyligths, water deposits on top of buildings, oddly shaped starships…) some of them even official terrain products of AMG)? If the answer is yes (you cannot place a base if it doesn’t fit horizontally on top of a section of a terrain feature, making some of the areas of the terrain feature unable to access for the character), what would happen if a character standing in the same terrain feature is thrown or pushed, colliding with one of those elements? Would it stop as soon as it touches this element? Or would it depend of the distance of the throw/push (meaning that if the element is shorter than the distance the character is pushed, it would end this movement in the other side of the element, ignoring it)? If the answer is no (meaning, I assume, that we should consider a terrain feature as a whole, and applying the “partially overlapping a terrain feature” rulebook sentence only to the horizontal boundaries of the whole terrain feature), wouldn’t it create some odd circumstances when placing (voluntarily or forced by throws) the miniatures physically over some spots of the terrain? Thanks in advance for your answer, and sorry if the question is a bit convoluted!
  13. Sorry to ask this but is this a legal placement of a model (Kingpin) or is this model not legally placed because he is hanging over the edge. Some say he is still over the terrain piece as a whole, but I believe that isn't the intent of the rule. The model should not be over hanging the surface that it is placed upon ie he can't stand on that platform on the truck because he is hanging over the edge.
  14. From page 22: "A character has line of sight (LOS) to another character or an object if a straight, unobstructed line can be drawn from any part of the character’s base to the other character’s base or the object. The line can pass unobstructed through characters but not through terrain features with a larger size than the other character or the object (emphasis added)." Situation: A Size 2 character and a Size 3 character have a Size 3 terrain feature directly between them. Rule Interpretation as written: The Size 2 character has LOS on the Size 3 character as the terrain is not "larger than the other character". However, the Size 3 character does not have LOS to the Size 2 character as the Size 3 terrain feature is "larger than the other character." Question: I can understand that smaller characters may be harder to see/easier to hide, but LOS is not about a character being hidden. As LOS should be a two way street, this interpretation does not make sense. Am I interpreting this as intended, or can someone provide the actual intent of this rule? Thanks!
  15. When two models are on the same terrain(apartment building) but out of range two, would they gain cover if attacking each other? otherwise, height has nothing to do with gaining cover if all three conditions are met correct?
  16. Hello! When using attacks or abilities that lets you advance you opponent, can you advance them up onto terrain that normally would have required a climb move for them? example: Mysterio attacks Captain America, and advancing him so he ends up on top of the NYC apartment building.
  17. If Jugg is on top of a terrain and uses his "nothing stops the juggernaut" would he "contact" the terrain hes on top of, thus destroying it?
  18. 1. Does thrown terrain from a super power count as an enemy effect or attack? 2. Specifically, if Taskmaster is hit with a piece of terrain thrown by an enemy super power would this allow him to activate any of his defensive abilities? 3. Also would he gain energy from any damage he takes?
  19. I was just wondering about the size of a couple of things in the Construction Site kit. I would assume the cement barriers are 1 or 2, and the barrels are 1, but I don't know and after about 10 minutes of searching, I didn't find a any answer.
  20. I was was recently informed and read here that a character standing on a car (terrain feature) but meeting all the requirements for cover has cover. But the rulebook specifically says characters that hide behind terrain features gain cover (not on top) page 25 rulebook. It was my impression the spirt of the rule was "standing on" is not the same as "standing behind" and behind took precedence. If I'm wrong and it seems so, we've been using cover rules wrong since MCP was released.
  21. If I'm stood on the roof of, say, the official NYC building, and a short push puts me on a part of the building I can't stand. (Either a none-flat part of the roof, like the skylight, or overhanging the edge). Do I just stop short? (Or not move at all if theres no legal place to be pushed to).
  22. Hi! If a character is uploaded on a scenery element, can it be Throwed or pushed? Thanks
  23. Hi. If i have an character of Size 2, that is within range 1 of an token, but the token is placed on a terrain that is Size 3 or larger, does that character can interact with that token, and does it count in a contesting and securing this token?
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