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  1. Hello! Quick one... If iron man for example is stood atop a size 3 or 4 terrain piece, and another charecter same size as iron man is on the floor but within range of attacks. Can the charecter on the floor target ironman up on the building or would iron man be able to be targeted or would the charecter on the floor have to make a climb action to get on the same level to be able to target him? Thanks in advance 👌
  2. The roxxon sign included in the sentinel terrain is size 3, so size 2 characters standing on either side of the sign do not have line of sight to each other even though the terrain has a large opening between the pillars holding the sign. Is this correct?
  3. Is it possible to place a miniature as per the attached imagine? Or does the base be entirely within the edge of the terrain feature?
  4. Sorry to ask this but is this a legal placement of a model (Kingpin) or is this model not legally placed because he is hanging over the edge. Some say he is still over the terrain piece as a whole, but I believe that isn't the intent of the rule. The model should not be over hanging the surface that it is placed upon ie he can't stand on that platform on the truck because he is hanging over the edge.
  5. Hi. If i have an character of Size 2, that is within range 1 of an token, but the token is placed on a terrain that is Size 3 or larger, does that character can interact with that token, and does it count in a contesting and securing this token?
  6. Hey! So for vehicles like the AAT and Saber tank, when you move to go over terrain that you're taller than, do you use your height relative to where you are on the board, or where you would be on ground level? The section in repulsor vehicle is worded exactly like the same entry in the regular trooper entry. Repulsor: While performing a standard move, reverse, or strafe, a repulsor vehicle mini can move onto or over a piece of a terrain that has a height that is equal to or less than the height of the unit leader’s mini. Trooper: While performing a standard move, a trooper mini can move onto or over a piece of terrain that has a height that is equal to or less than the height of the unit leader’s mini. So can a Hover: Ground vehicle use terrain as a ladder like troopers, or is there a fixed height they can go over?
  7. Good evening, I have two questions: 1 / Does each field have to be at "Range 2" of another field? Even this size 1 (How do you play most of the time and how do official tournaments do?) (Personally I glue the trash cans, barriers, size 1 container with different size as house size 2 or 3 and other elements to size 1) 2 / When I throw a size 2 character A on another size 2 character B, character A suffers 1 collision damage, first is the collision damage and automatic? no DODGE possible at the time and how many hits does character B suffer? character size 2 A + 1 = 3 dodged keys (roughly the same as with a terrain element) or character B suffers 1 collision damage that is also non-dodge? Thanks again for your answers 🙂
  8. With the new NYC terrain pack coming out it has a water tower and what looks to be an AC unit on top. Can those be considered size 2 interactable terrain?
  9. Hoping you can clarify on the rules for From The Ruins, Magneto's leadership ability, and what constitutes a turn? For example, a game I played today had Magneto and the brotherhood against X-men with Hulk. Hulk threw a truck, so size 4 terrain which Magneto then spread amongst his allies, even though it was my turn. My opponent used punisher to blow up a terrain, giving another 3 power to be spread out. Kingpin on my opponents side then through another terrain giving more power to his team and then Magneto used Magnetic Crush, destroying more terrain (2 x size 3, one size 2 and one size 1) dishing out more power. All of this happened in one round, but as the rule states they only gain 1 power per turn which is per character turn, the amount of power added up quickly. Can a character receive more than one power per round as this ability is per turn? Can the ability grant power from terrain destroyed in their opponents turn? If multiple terrain pieces are destroyed in one go, can you allocate power based on all terrain destroyed (like in Magnetic Crush) or do they need to pick one and then dish out power for that one piece of terrain? Also can power be allocated to dazed characters?
  10. I am not sure which scale to use. Before people say "REALY?! Are you serious?" AMG has the "official" scale which is on the bottom of every piece they make, but then there is also this chart (below) that they have provided that is a "suggestion". I took the time to do the math and wrote in blue the in² for an overall measurement rather than the rectangle shape that seems to be prefered(???). I do know that the game is accepting of unofficial terrain and that is what the chart is for (I'm pretty postivie), but the board has a limited space and as such I believe scaling should be based on the terrain's footprint (in²). That would make it universal (ease of use) when comparing official to unofficial. Conclusion: the in² of the "official" terrain does not match up with AMG's own chart. The numbers given in the chart, are they targets or maximums? If targets they are way off, but if maximum the 12.5in² Daily Bugle exceeds the limit of 2 therefor is a 3 (as stamped). I know it says rough for all the other viewers.
  11. Can Repulsor units with Hover: Ground (Such as the Saber tank) move off of terrain ie. buildings that are taller than its unit leader thanks
  12. How should it be handled when an objective token would be placed according to the crisis layout, but cannot be physically placed on top of a piece of terrain (example: won’t balance) and the terrain is too large for any character to interact with it (example: extends beyond range one in every direction but characters are unable to be placed on the terrain piece)? In most cases the objective could be placed under the terrain, but there are cases when this would fully obscure the objective token and make measurement difficult.
  13. Hi, the fit rule specify the character has to be able to balance, but the movement specifies it cannot overlap a terran feature, my question is, is this position of venom legal? Because if not, then venom ro hulk would never be able to stand on top of a car
  14. Still bit more clarification needed, though this has been asked previously, but I see this being played wrong all the time (afaik). 1) Are you allowed to measure your movement with base of the miniature? Meaning, you first move the mini somewhere along the movement stick, then using range tool reposition the miniature (relating to 1 more more miniatures). As it has been said many times, base is not a measuring tool, so before moving the miniature are you expected to remove range tool from the board? 2) Overlapping versus balancing. This seems to be constantly played in a different way I think it should. Consider a building with width of 50 mm. According to overlapping rule, Hulk with 60 mm base cannot be positioned on the top of it, even though it can easily be balanced there, correct?
  15. Do you gain cover if you are attacked by a character standing on the same terrain as you, outside of range 2?
  16. Hi. So, climbing onto terrain the character is treated as size 5 and advances small. But when moving off terrain, do you still move small or are you able to move the distance on the character card? Thank you
  17. Hi, I'm a south Korean and I can't write English well, so please understand that. I understand other rules but LOS part is so hard understand one thing is Determining LOS Between attacker and defender, Adding a terrain size is only for attacker? or both of them? Here is example. 1. Spiderman(size2) is on the top of a building(It has 4 floors, so my friend and me consider to size 5 terrain). 2.Red skull(size2) stand on the ground and within 2 distance from the building. 3.Follow the main rule, Spiderman has a LOS when he determine to attack Red skull. Coz he is now size7 and there has nothing to larger than size7. However, When Red skull try to attack the Spiderman, I think it is possible. Because there has no obstruction which has more larger than size7. But my friend didn't agree that. When He red the part of LOS rule, adding a terrain size for the character is ONLY for attacker, not for defender. So Red skull try to attack Spiderman, he can't do that because the building(size5) blocks between Red skull and Spider man's LOS. I'm a bit understand his opinion, when red skull attacked to spiderman which on the top of the building, it looks like a he tried to punching the building. I still confused about that, so whose opinion is correct?
  18. How does Cover/Line of sight work for characters that are in the same position on the XZ plane? I'm imagining this happening as a result of one character being on top of a bridge or the other character is inside of a cave or tunnel.
  19. 2 characters height 2 are above a terrain height 3. What happens to them if an enemy throws that terrain into another terrain? Thank you
  20. If I stack terrain on top of each other (example: billboard or water tower on top of a building) what happens to the stacked pieces if the terrain they are on is destroyed? do they fall to the ground like a character or are they destroyed?
  21. Hi, how we trow somebody of the roof. Or how we throw terrain features if we standing on top of one? Or if we throw ourselves on top of a terrain feature when do we stop?
  22. I was just reading a topic on terrain throws that you locked. Orientation of Thrown Terrain - Marvel: Crisis Protocol Rules Questions - Atomic Mass Games Forum Where are the steps listed for throwing terrain as I seem to be missing them and they are not in the timing chart. When I read the terrain throwing in the rulebook the first step that I see listed is measuring before removing the terrain. Could you offer some clarity?
  23. Hello, I would like to extebd the question from this topic with two other situations: So, from this topic if a model is on top of the building it's size or bigger and attacked by model more than range 2 away it gets cover (cause it's in range 1 of the building, at least one line is drawn from attacker to defender through terrain, and attacker is further than range 2 from defender). But what happens if: 1. Model on top of the terrain attacks a model which is on the ground but within range 1 of the same terrain feature and further than range 2 from attacker (lets assume it's a long terrain feature)? Does the defender gets cover? (Cause it's in range 1 of terrain, at least one line passes through terrain, distance between models more than 2); 2. Two models stand on top of the terrain. They are within range 1 of the terrain, has line of sight to each other going through terrain (if we look top down), and are further than range 2 from each other. Do they have cover from each over? Or are those two situations negated by clause that model on top of the terrain ignores it for LOS?
  24. Lets say you stand atop a size 4/5 building. According to the cover rules youd get instant cover as long as you get attacked from more than 2 inches away, right?
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