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  1. When thanos uses "deaths decree" to buff deadpool and give him 2 x extra dice on his next attack. Then you use "Bang" with deadpool and trigger his "bang bang" ability to shoot the same character again, do the 2 dice keep going as this is still attacking the same character with the same attack sequence? So essentially the 2 dice stay for both?
  2. If I have the Black order leadership, Punishers tactic card and I KO fury, this removes the grunt from play, is the Grunt KO'd or just removed, for instance if I KO Fury do I get 2 VP for Thanos Leadership/ Blood Red, or just 1 VP
  3. Does lokis God of Mischief make Thanos pay 1 power before using a gem super power regardless of Thanos using gem super powers without paying their cost?
  4. If a game is tied and the player opposing a squad using SHIELD affiliation scores a VP mid round for KO'ing a SHIELD character (like through Black Order's leadership or the Usurp the Throne or Blood, Red, and Personal tactic cards) would the SHIELD player score a VP or was the game considered tied when the SHIELD character was lost?
  5. Greetings, Simple question: if you are playing under Thanos' leadership ability and KO an enemy grunt, will you score 1 VP? Thanks in advance.
  6. If BO player with healthy Thanos is on 15 points and the opposing player with 8 points passes the third cure to one of their characters already carrying two who gets the points first? - KO happens before the score, BO gets the last point and wins the game - The points are scored first the other player wins - KO and points happen at the same time, both go to 16 and game continues - Player with priority scores the point first and wins
  7. Does "All Right, Now It's Serious" cause Death's Decree to only add 2 dice to the roll, or does it add 4 since Deadpool is technically injured? To clarify, if Thanos uses Death's Decree on an injured Deadpool, does Deadpool's passive that makes him count as Healthy mean Death's Decree only adds 2 dice? The version of the card I was looking at does not contain the updated text for Deadpool's passive stating that he only counts as Healthy for contesting objectives. I believe he gets the extra 4 dice when injured
  8. Thanos attacks Vision with the cosmic blast and vision is in his enhanced density form which means he cannot be pushed. Thanos rolls a wild to trigger the titans will special rule. The second sentence in that is "the pushed character receives the slow special condition". If vision cannot be pushed, does he still receive the slow or is being pushed a pre-condition for gaining the slow?
  9. if thanos uses deaths decree on dormammu's Incantation of obliteration and he rolls the tigger for Dark Miasma Will thanos have to pay again to use Deaths' Decree on the next target or will the inital effect of Deaths' decree stay in effect as though it were a beam attack? or is the Dark Misama trigger concidered an entirely separate attack?
  10. Hello, in case I ask: When thanos wears 2 infinity gems, if one of them is the Power gem, it is said that this character gains 2 powers to have a gem, if there are two: 1 / Thanos recovers 2 energy (power gem) + 1 energy (for the other gem)? therefore 3. 2 / Or 2 energy + 2 energy for each gem (thanks to the gem of power)? therefore 4. (I think he gets 3 thanks to the gems, but since the power doesn't specify it, and it is a continuous power, I wanted to know) Thank you 🙂
  11. Under Suppression on the cosmic threat tip card it mentions the Cosmic Entities Status Card, what is this? Am I missing a card?
  12. Straight forward question, can Thanos minions take damage or do they need suppression tokens to take damage? Under the impression that all of the cosmic threat team has the shield. Thanks
  13. Bob's "But How!?" ability states that when he does not have an activated token and would be KO'd he gains a Dazed token instead. Last-Minute Save states that when an allied character would be KO'd, the allied character removes one damage and is not KO'd. Are these two slightly different wordings functionally the same for purposes of game play - or - is Bob KO'd for technical reasons, while a Last-Minute Saved character is not? How do each of these wordings work with a healthy Thanos's Death's Agenda leadership?
  14. In this scenario both Shehulk and Thanos are dazed on the same round. During the Clean up phase, both Shehulk and Thanos are dazed and will flip to their injured side. Shehulk, according to her "Gamma Transfusion" innate super power, will be KO'd instead of flipping. This would normally allow Thanos to score VPs from his "Death's Decree" Leadership (Healthy side). However, It appears as though all character's flip to their injured side simultaneously during Clean up Phase Step 4, and thus Thanos would lose access to his healthy leadership at the same time as Shehulk would KO, resulting in his controller not being able to score a VP from the KO. Is this the correct interpretation, or is there a step where Thanos can claim the VP phase before flipping and losing his healthy leadership in the clean up? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone, In the Thanos Ultimate Encounter, Thanos uses the Ultimate Time Gem changing all enemy character's movement to `S`. If a player then plays Extreme Physical Condition allowing the the character use of the 'L' movement tool. Does Physical Conditioning take priority? The wording of the card makes me think so. Thanks!
  16. Based on what is mentioned in this post - I'm of the understanding that "would be x" abilities are step 12 of Appendix A. If we have two abilities that trigger at the same time in this window, we don't appear to have any direct guidance in regards to the order those abilities should be resolved in. Consider Shuri using Panther Gauntlets on Thanos. If the attackers effects are resolved first, Thanos can suffer 0 damage due to "Being of Immeasurable Power" If the defenders effects are resolved first, Thanos would potentially still suffer 1 damage depending on the dice Shuri rolled. A previous messenger question got the answer that its attacker first, but I figured it would be good to get included in the forum
  17. After the clean up phase, does Thanos still retain his last used Gem until he activates again? Thanks
  18. Hey there, How does Vibranium shielding interact with other damage reduction abilities, I assume if they already have "invulnerability" like Proxima it does nothing, but for someone like Drax does it reduce 2 to a minimum of 1? Also with Thanos do we get to chose the order of reduction, so if he takes 2 damage we can effectively take 0? Thanks!
  19. Does the above Gem grant Thanos, Chosen of Death a speed of L?
  20. Does the rules in the Thanos UE says he can choose a different infinity stone each round and it replaces and discards the pervious one. Question is does he keep them and can use them again or are they discarded and removed from the game after each use. For instance first activation I use the power stone 2nd activation I use the time zone on the third activation could I use the power stone again or is it discarded per RAW. Its confusing because the wording on some of the cards imply that they can be use multiple times however the rules say he has to choose a different stone each turn and it replaces and DISCARDS the previous one.
  21. If someone plays Disarm on Thanos or a Minion during the UE, does that reduce the amount of dice rolled when interacting with a module to damage it? The tactics card says that there are two fewer dice on attacks, and a character is interacting with the objective rather than attacking it--so one way to think about it would be that it does not.. On the other hand, the mechanism for damaging the module is using an attack--so maybe Disarm modifies the interaction in this instance? I can see it either way, and would like to know the correct way to play it. Thanks!
  22. In the Infinity Gem encounter, when a damaged console is repaired and flipped back to its functioning side is all damage removed, or just the amount that was "healed" by the crisis team?
  23. I played Thanos recently and my friends and I are unsure how to use his "being of immeasurable power" ability. It is clearly worded differently than that of Iron Man's "Invincible Iron Man" ability which makes me think its purpose is supposed to be as well. One reduces damage while the other is "damage from enemy effects". We are stuck on what actual damage is created from "enemy effects" as there doesn't seem to be much info outside of being thrown. Video battle reports I've seen for the most part play it as all damage in general being applied to Thanos. Thanks in advance for the help.
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