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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, What is the interaction between the tactic card Scientific Method and a revive tactic card like The Age of Ultron or Deal with the Devil? Is a revived character considered the same character? Does the revived character keep the extra dices? Thx.
  2. The basic question is if you receive power at step 12 when enough wounds would KO a character. Ultron has 6 power and 3 wounds left on him on his injured side. Ultron is then attacked and dealt 3 wounds enough to KO Ultron. Does Ultron receive 3 power from the wounds to then have enough power to enable the use of "Age of Ultron", 8 power, or would he be removed from play before receiving the power from the wounds. It is a little confusing as step 12 you receive wounds but also power from the wounds. Page 21 for KO says remove all effects then remove figure from play but nothing about if you would still receive the power. Needless to say I thought the former was how to play it but my opponent thought otherwise. We played it Ultron survived but want to know the actual proper interpretation. Thanks
  3. If ghost rider has a winging it token when he is KO’d, then plays deal with the devil, does he retain the winging it token in the resolution of DwtD?
  4. Hey there - if my ghost rider chooses to KO my Ultron when he plays Deal with the Devil, can Ultron in turn play “The Age of Ultron” to come back to life?
  5. Moon knight (any rapid fire Model) - uses his "throwing glaves" and kills a model that can be reborn (Ultron/Ghost Rider) and MK hits the rapid fire will they get the second rapid fire when the reborn model comes bk or will the attack end as he was ko'd? I believe he would but just checking
  6. Hello everybody: I've a doubt about how to deal with "Age of Ultron" if Ultron is KO'd during his activation but has not been finished yet (it means, the activation token has not been placed on Ultron). Go to the example. Ultron uses his first action to attack a character with a "counter attack" like Venom, Zemo, Sabretooth, etc. The counter attack cause Ultron to be KO'd but there is one action remaining (and other possible superpowers, etc so Ultron doesn't have the activation token) and the player playing Ultron use Age of Ultron. What happens in this case? Ulton gains the "activated" token? Or he doesn't gain it? In the case he doesn't gain it then the activation has finished and he can be activated later or he can continue with his activation/remaining actions? Thanks all in advance for you help. Regards,
  7. We had a situation in yesterday‘s game, where my opponent achieved to collect all 4 hammers on „Fear Grips“-Extract with his injured Ultron. In the following turn I KO’ed Ultron, so he wanted to play „The age if ultron“. So, when would ultron drop the hammers and when would the final power-cost of the card be calculated. Is he able to play „The age if ultron“ or would the „hammer-tax“ raise power cost to 12 in which case he wouldn‘t be able to play the card? Thanks for clarification.
  8. With the new (possibly old rules), if Ultron is activated and would be KO’d, when he plays Age of Ultron, does he remove the activation token as well?
  9. Hello, If Ultron or Ghost Rider have had Grievous Wounds played on them, does it prevent them from removing their wounds when using their respective team tactic cards to resurrect? What about Dark Restoration? Thanks!
  10. When using any of the above mentioned cards, as the character would be KO’d do they lose their activation token if they had one prior to being KO’d? Thanks
  11. So does blind obsession count as a status condion? The reason for asking is if either Ultron or Ghost rider successfully activate The Age of Ultron or Deal With The Devil respectively, they both say that each character is not KO'd and to remove all status conditions. Would that include blind obsession then, or would they actually get to keep it?
  12. Proxima has KO’d Ultron with Spear throw. Does Age of Ultron trigger first with Ultron replacement and then Proxima places within range one or does Proxima place within 1 then AoU trigger? thanks
  13. With clarity, the tactics card Grievous Wounds prevents damage from being removed during the activation phase. Field dressing removes one damage and the daze token. The rulebook states that, "when a character has Damage tokens equal to its Stamina stat, it has been Dazd or Knocked Out (KO'd). So a character suffering from the effects of Grievous Wounds would remove the dazed token, but no damage and become dazed. Correct? Bonus, if correct, does the character become dazed prior to the resolution of field dressing, after, or at another time?
  14. Rules question: Ultron is on one wound, injured side. Hulk uses 'Hulk, Smash!' . Says Ultron may be thrown short before damage is resolved. He is thrown, suffers one wound from hitting a car, is KO'd. Ultron player uses 'Age of Ultron', does Ultron still have to resolve the damage from the 'Hulk Smash!' ?.
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