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Found 16 results

  1. can I throw an enemy against a friendly character? and if so, the enemy suffers 1 collision damage and I must roll dodge dice?
  2. The rulebook states "A character with a Dazed token can’t move or be moved for any reason and can’t be targeted by attacks or be affected by special rules or superpowers. Dazed characters can’t make attacks or play Team Tactic cards and don’t have superpowers. Dazed characters never contribute to scoring conditions." I'm wondering what would happen if another character was thrown into a dazed character? Would the thrown character still suffer 1 damage and nothing happens to the dazed character? Or would the Thrown character travel past the dazed character and not end their base overlapping the dazed character? In addition, would throws count as an enemy effect? Would the thrown character would gain 1 power from the damage suffered and the collision character gain power also? Thanks!
  3. My friend and I found ourselves in an odd situation. Kingpin is standing between Hawkeye and Wasp; Hawkeye is Dazed. Kingpin, as part of Hail to the King, throws Wasp at Hawkeye (as that's the only way to damage her with the throw within range). Two minor questions I think I know the answer to, plus one 'main' question. Minor 1) Throwing a character at a dazed character. My read is that nothing happens to the Dazed character (they're as beat up as they can be), but the thrown character still suffers from the collision. Is that correct? Minor 2) Kingpin is in the way, but as per Page 17 of the rulebook: "Ignore the character performing the throw and any terrain features the thrown character started overlapping when determining a thrown character’s collisions." So I assume Kinpin can throw Wasp through himself, no problem. The Big Question: Wasp is well within range to collide with Hawkeye per the movement tool, but she can't land next to him because Kingpin is in the way. So as per Overlapping on Page 15, "If a character is thrown or pushed and would end that movement overlapping another character’s base or a terrain feature, it stops along the movement tool at the last position that was not overlapping a character’s base or a terrain feature." The question, then: Does she still suffer a collision with Hawkeye, even though she has now "bounced" back to the opposite side of Kingpin?
  4. If I'm stood on the roof of, say, the official NYC building, and a short push puts me on a part of the building I can't stand. (Either a none-flat part of the roof, like the skylight, or overhanging the edge). Do I just stop short? (Or not move at all if theres no legal place to be pushed to).
  5. Hello, do models suffer collision when being thrown into Dazed character?
  6. If a character gets " Pushed S" or "Pushed Away S" ..assuming no other model or terrain gets in the way and stops them..... Does the model have to be moved the entire length of the S Tool? Can the player moving the model choose to move less than the full length of the S Tool in order to keep the miniature in range of something else planned? Example: My attack or effect pushes him " Away S " but I need him to be within Range 1 or Range 2 to exploit something. Also In the case of throws, can the player moving the model, choose to not move the model the entire length of whatever Tool is used?. assuming no other model or terrain gets in the way and stops them.....
  7. So I might be overthinking this but can pushes and throws be done any direction or can the character doing the push/throw choose any direction??
  8. Hi have got 2 questions. If an enemy characters base is in contact with another enemy or piece of terrain, can that character be thrown into either of these or not as they are already touching? When ending movement. The book states about overlapping. If I ended my move on top of a bus. The base was over the edge by a couple of mm but it was totally stable. Could the turn be ended there? Or does the base have to be totally within the outlines of that terrain? Thank you
  9. (Scenario 2 should read "Not enough room between terrain and C for B to fit) These scenarios are often understood to cause a rewind effect, meaning the collision from the throw still occurs, but the model moves back to the last legal position. I'm not sure how to come to this conclusion without outside input though Throw reads to me as all "present tense" checks and overlap reads to me as a "future tense" check, so I'm not sure why overlapping doesn't trump throw. Overlap would almost even seem to be setting up a can't vs can scenario. Throw says you can perform this movement (due to it allowing you to ignore certain things) Overlapping says if the movement your performing with your throw would cause you to overlap something at the end of it, you can't finish that movement I'd just like to see the end ruling and the way to understand that myself from reading the book.
  10. My opponent and I each have a size 2 character on opposite sides of a size 3 terrain with no line of sight to each other. It’s skinny terrain so we are still within range 2 of each other. I could find no LOS requirements for throws, so is it valid for these characters to throw each other even know they can’t see each other, since they are within the throws range?
  11. Does collision damage be part of an attack or a super power, does it means that it is a enemy effects? For example. Hilt throw thor into black widow. Does black widow or thor gain power for damage?
  12. 1) Is the 90 degree tool applicable not only on pushes but also when throwing characters as well? 2) When throwing an interactive terrain, there is no longer any 90 degree restriction?
  13. If a character can push an enemy toward themselves, does overlapping with the character who pushed stop the push? Or are you able to push an enemy to the other side of yourself with this? Best example I can think of is Venom and Web Snare. Could Venom push an enemy through himself?
  14. Is there a way to know how terrain should be oriented when thrown? I know that the terrain should be centered on the straight movement template but it's unclear as to if you get to determine which way to center it. Obviously for things like the Commercial truck this can make a big difference in terms of what the first collision is.
  15. Hi, the rules say that if I throw an object at a character, he can try to dodge the object. But is it possible to use an object (car) to crush an enemy against another object (wall)? If possible, does the affected character have to make two dodges?
  16. So miles swung in with web line kick and threw someone into Gwen. They moved base to base and did their rolls. On a second attack I rolled and could throw a second time. I believe do to wording if I opted to move enemy towards Gwen who was base to base they would take the auto point of damage again right? If I opted to throw away from Gwen then obviously no damage am I right in this thinking
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