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  1. So I apologize if this has been answered already, but my friends are having a hard time understanding this. If I am throwing a character (dr.strange) away from me, and that character is BTB (base to base) with a different character, (baron mordo) can the thrown character hit the one it's BTB with? I found an answer by Negoldar saying "The throw will stop only if contact is made during the movement. Contact existing before the movement does not stop the movement from the throw. " The big question is what is existing contact and what is new contact? Are we saying that the literal few millimeters of touching plastic between the 2 models is existing and that if any new millimeter (or smallest form of measuring, Planck Length) of contact is made, the throw is legal? If that's the case do I even move the model? Can u describe or show an example of what Negoldar means, if my interpretation is correct we can't see a time when there wouldn't be new contact. I attached a very crude example of the issue I'm having. I believe that strange would slide along mordos base, which is making many new millimeters of contact , therefore stopping as soon as a new millimeter of contact is made.
  2. I have tried searching to find any thread regarding this topic. If there is one, please refer me to the thread. If a car (or water tank from the apartment building terrain) is placed on building big enough to have 2 characters fight on top of. Can the car be thrown (assuming any/ all throw powers and acceptable distances) at either character? Further if one character is on the building and the other is not (again, assuming any/ all throw powers and acceptable distances) can either character throw at the other?
  3. Can you throw terrain past dazed individual to hit a non-dazed character?
  4. Can you throw a character that is already touching something (another character or a piece of terrain) into the same thing it’s touching?
  5. This is weird to me. Rules state “…positions the movement took with one end touching the character performing the throw.” Is the even if the terrain feature is 3 distance away (as in “Ock’s Clutches)? place the movement tool next to Doc Ock, or next to the terrain feature? Thanks!
  6. An attack is made on a character with Aggressive. The attack does no damage, but have a throw before damage dealt. I guess the one automatic damage from the collision can't trigger aggressive ? Or it ?
  7. Good morning I m a new player and have this simple question Damage received from throws, collisions and bleed special condition let me gain a power token? Thanks
  8. Hi! So I had a weird edge case come up last night and neither me or my opponent were sure what the correct way to resolve it was. Here's the situation: Kingpin and Captain Marvel are on the roof of the NYC Apartment Building, She-Hulk is on the ground with her base right up against and touching the side of the building. My opponent activates Kingpin and uses Street-Level Negotiations to throw Captain Marvel medium and is able to position the movement tool so that it would cause a collision with She-Hulk except that Captain Marvel's base would still be on the roof of the building. Normally we probably would have hand waved away the thematic disconnect and said the collision occurs and Captain Marvel would be placed on the very edge of the building so that a top down view would make She-Hulk and Captain Marvel's bases appear to be in contact, but because of the lip of the roof on the apartment building Captain Marvel cannot be placed teetering on the edge. So because she can't be placed at the edge of the terrain and therefore couldn't be "in contact" with She-Hulk's base on the ground would a collision be able to occur here? In the moment we thought a fair compromise was to throw Captain Marvel at a slightly different angle and place her on the ground near She-Hulk and have Captain Marvel take 1 damage as if she had suffered a collision (hitting the ground after being thrown off 3 stories seems like it should hurt a little), but have nothing happen to She-Hulk. Obviously that's not the correct outcome, but it seemed fair to both of us since neither knew what should have happened and we wanted to keep the game moving.
  9. Is is possible to throw a model into another model if those two are already touching bases? Resulting in a no movement / immediate collision?
  10. Hi! In this question, I am referring to the different scenery we can find in our games of MCP, with different level rooftops, barriers or other items that prevent putting miniature bases completely over them. According to the rulebook, a character cannot end a movement with its base partially overlapping a terrain feature. That includes the sometime irregular shapes of some terrain features (different level rooftops, barriers inside a building feature, pyramidal skyligths, water deposits on top of buildings, oddly shaped starships…) some of them even official terrain products of AMG)? If the answer is yes (you cannot place a base if it doesn’t fit horizontally on top of a section of a terrain feature, making some of the areas of the terrain feature unable to access for the character), what would happen if a character standing in the same terrain feature is thrown or pushed, colliding with one of those elements? Would it stop as soon as it touches this element? Or would it depend of the distance of the throw/push (meaning that if the element is shorter than the distance the character is pushed, it would end this movement in the other side of the element, ignoring it)? If the answer is no (meaning, I assume, that we should consider a terrain feature as a whole, and applying the “partially overlapping a terrain feature” rulebook sentence only to the horizontal boundaries of the whole terrain feature), wouldn’t it create some odd circumstances when placing (voluntarily or forced by throws) the miniatures physically over some spots of the terrain? Thanks in advance for your answer, and sorry if the question is a bit convoluted!
  11. I can throw an enemy character to an allied character of my team, so that he receives collision damage and then I would defend myself from that attack?
  12. So according to page 17, "As a thrown character moves along the movement tool, it stops if its base contacts or would overlap another character’s base or a terrain feature." If I start in base to base with someone when I go to throw them, even if it is away from the person they are touching, the throw is stopped immediatly due to contacting another characters base. It mentions : "Ignore the character performing the throw and any terrain features the thrown character started overlapping when determining a thrown character’s collisions." So if I was overlapping terrain it would ignore it. But not touching characters seeing as at the start my throw touches immediately. Can you confirm if I throw away from someone I am in BTB with that they do not collide with them or if they do. I am not talking about the throwing character but if I had 2 other models touching.
  13. 1. Does thrown terrain from a super power count as an enemy effect or attack? 2. Specifically, if Taskmaster is hit with a piece of terrain thrown by an enemy super power would this allow him to activate any of his defensive abilities? 3. Also would he gain energy from any damage he takes?
  14. Hey all, hope this dose t sound too dumb. But can anyone explain the utility of throwing objects? Me and my girlfriend have played a couple of games so far, but haven’t seen the use of it, but so many characters have an ability to throw, it seems it should be important first it seems like very low damage...+1 of the objects size, that’s only 4 dice (3+1) for a thrown car, and most attack abilities do this much minimimum already the power cost also seems like a negative, as it seems like you would be better served saving those points for an attack that does more damage, may have extra effects, or be a “builder” attack to get more power then there’s placement. If I understand the rules, when you throw an object you throw it directly away. Meaning if Hulk is facing off against Spider-Man, and a car is to the Hulks right, that car can only be thrown to the right....if he wants to throw it at Spider-Man, he would need to position himself behind the car with it between him and his target. Throwing may give the opportunity to reach a long distance foe, but in CP, even a “punch” has a pretty long range of “2” or “3” The only thing I can figure is that as a “superpower” that doesn’t cost an action, it allows a free extra attack if you have the power to spend (oh, btw, can normal characters throw objects without a power? Ie can captain America (for whatever reason) throw a size “1” trash can or fire hydrant?) thanks in advance
  15. Hello, We all agree, a super power that performs a Throw is not an "attack"? (so a "rapid phase change" of vision cannot be used as a reaction?) Thank you
  16. Question we had in our game tonight is I had a character 1 from objective and the opponent was throwing another team member that is larger base into him but he puts tool where its behind the character that is holding objective to avoid the 1 from objective to avoid me having more characters holding. So would the larger base connect because it moves along the line but he isn't targeting the character that is within 1 of objective take collision damage. Hope that makes since.
  17. The attacks such as Thor's Strike that can cause a Throw on the enemy, is the damage dealt by the throw considered damage of the attack for gaining power purposes? As this "Before damage is dealt" takes place in the step 12 of the attack sequence I would say yes, but as always I would like to confirm this. Many thanks.
  18. Hi! If a character is uploaded on a scenery element, can it be Throwed or pushed? Thanks
  19. Assume I have three models in a perfect line, all base to base. I want to push or throw the middle one. This requires an exactly parallel push, or it will touch another model and immediately stop with 0 movement. There are infinite directions you can choose which will fail the push, and 1 direction that will succeed. If we're talking statistics, you will never be able to pick the 1/infinate direction. So its an impossible move. BUT, its a game. So is abstraction allowed? Can you declare that you're picking the one legal direction and just do it anyway?
  20. Good evening, Can you throw a piece of terrain at a character whom is standing on it? For example Baron Zemo a size 2 model is standing on the Newstand a Size 3 terrain piece. Hulk is next to the stand. Can he with his superpower throw the newstand into Baron Zemo? Thank you for your time and patience.
  21. 2 characters height 2 are above a terrain height 3. What happens to them if an enemy throws that terrain into another terrain? Thank you
  22. Hi, how we trow somebody of the roof. Or how we throw terrain features if we standing on top of one? Or if we throw ourselves on top of a terrain feature when do we stop?
  23. I was just reading a topic on terrain throws that you locked. Orientation of Thrown Terrain - Marvel: Crisis Protocol Rules Questions - Atomic Mass Games Forum Where are the steps listed for throwing terrain as I seem to be missing them and they are not in the timing chart. When I read the terrain throwing in the rulebook the first step that I see listed is measuring before removing the terrain. Could you offer some clarity?
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