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Found 24 results

  1. Quick question regarding the various attacks and powers that state "Before damage is dealt"..... Does the attack have to cause damage for the effect to kick in or does the effect take place even of all attacks were blocked? An example would he Ghost Spider, her impact webbing attack states Before damage is dealt this character may push. Now if I am right this would happen at step 12 of the timing steps so Before damage tokens are applied. What if the defender cancelled/blocked all attack dice - would they still be pushed away but suffer no damage or would they ignore the push as there is no damage to be applied?
  2. If Angela dazes an enemy character and uses Angelic Assassin to attack Winter Soldier, can Winter Soldier use power gained from taking damage to pay for Got Your Back?
  3. Step 14 on making an attack states that you resovle effects that occur after the attack. Now my question is does that apply to effects like Rapid Fire? Do I get to make the rapid fire attack before my opponent can retaliate with a counter attack type super power?
  4. If an attack is ended early, is the attack still resolved? For example: Iron Fist uses Flying Kick on Loki Loki uses Trickster to get out of range/los of the attack, so the attack ends. Does Iron Fist gain a power and get placed within 1 of Loki?
  5. Hello, In some games we made, i think we made some mystakes about timing and the steps of modify dice. So i ask for you to be quite sure. 1 exemple: Wolverine made a Adamantium Slash and roll a crit and a wild so at step 8 of the timing he re-rolled the crit and if his opponement had crit(s) in his roll he can re-rolled also. Then at the step 9 Wolverine can modify a dice in the opponement pool because he had a wild/pierce in his pool. But Pierce can never modify the initial throw and cancel a crit. So if i'm right i presume it works like this for characters like Black Cat or Angela: they can't prevent modifying dices in the step 8 but only on step 9. Sorry if there's only a topic. And sorry too for language: i'm french !!
  6. Ant-Man (Tiny) gets to reroll his defense dice against an attack from Ultron. He rerolls two Crits (!), having had 0 crits prior to the reroll. Does Ultron's Analyze and Annihilate trigger from the rerolls, allowing him to reroll after the defensive reroll already took place? Or must his rerolls occur prior to any defensive rerolls?
  7. How is this supposed to work? For example, Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme's "Deadly Daggers of Daveroth" states that "Before choosing a target, this character chooses whether this attack's type is Physical, Energy, or Mystic" Strategically, it just doesn't seem 'possible' to truly choose the attack type before choosing the target as the target has everything to do with what kind of attack you're going to employ. What's the point of this direction anyway? It just seems odd to me and impossible to enforce. Feel like I'm missing something...
  8. Good day I am looking for clarification on Life Saver and power consumption from an enemy targeting the character to receive Life Saver. There have been multiple posts on this and each has been answered with different answers. So my questions are listed below. 1)Does an attacking character still spend the power if targeting a character that has been pulled out of range with Life Saver with a regular single target attack? 2)If the attacking character used a single target attack that allowed for movement (hit and run) and I understand they get to do the movement part of the action, does the power get spent for that action? 3)Does the attacking character still spend the power if targeting a single character with a beam or area attack that has been pulled out of range with Life Saver? 4)If an attacking character is targeting an allied Venom with a beam or area attack and Life Saver is used, does the attack still resolve allowing for So Many Snacks to be used if the allied Venom is still within 3? Would this also apply for a single target attack?
  9. Hello, am i right is thinking that if the rapid repuslor blast attack on the secondary support suit side of Hulkbuster hits the trigger for a rapid fire it can conduct a double attack and then conduct both pushes together much like the soon to be "old version of madusa can ?
  10. Mysterio attacks with his hypnosis gas, triggering a movement. 14a: mysterio moves a character with aggressive. Mysterio interrupts the attack sequence by reacting with tricks and traps. Tricks and traps does one damage, Mysterio moves. 14b aggressive triggers, aggressive character moves towards mysterio’s new position. Mysterio has another opportunity to trigger trips and traps again from aggressive move. The attack is over. Is this sequence correct? Could other triggers also interrupt the attack sequence at the same trigger as mysterio? (E.g.: Mysterio, Cassandra Nova’s psychic distraction and/or Rocket’s booby traps all firing off the same movement trigger.)
  11. The tigger for Can’t Catch Me is “when this character is targeted by an attack.” Which is step 2 in appendix A. If by step 2c. Quicksilver is no longer in range for the attack, Can’t Catch Me’s “the attacker may make another action” triggers. With this timing, is power for the initial attack ever spent? You basically never get to step 3 in this situation.
  12. Hello, A / In the "Sequence of an attack" the player who suffers enemy damage must recover as much energy at which stage? B / To come to these questions: - Spider-man: Attack, Taser Web, what is the order of stunned? -Red Skull: Attack, Unleash the cube if you get Effect, what is the order of stunned? -Scarlet Witch: Reactive Super Power: Curse, what is the order of judgment? I am French, I used the translation, I hope I was precise ... sorry. Thanks again 🙂
  13. What step is cover applied? I have a situation where Green Goblin forces a reroll to the defender's rolls at 9b.i but can he force a re-roll of cover (if it's the only defensive success rolled, since he could force a reroll of any others otherwise)? It appears cover is applied by the defender on step 9.a.ii Thanks!
  14. I'm looking to double check some assumptions. What is the trigger timing for abilities that are worded such that you use the superpower either when targeting or being targeted by an attack? Is it 2a or 2d? The part that makes me want to double check is the wording in 2d ("...resolve effects that happen when a character is targeted...") There are two ways I can see it being understood 1. The intention is that you both trigger and resolve the ability in 2d. (Basically, the "resolve" here is not being used in a rules terminology way (referencing the separation between trigger timing and resolution timing), its being used in a more generic language way) 2. The intention is that its all strictly rules terminology, meaning you trigger the ability in 2a and resolve the ability in 2d. Thanks
  15. When do dice triggers activate? Do they activate before modification? If a character changes a dice to a blank on their modification stage, does this kill the trigger?
  16. Hello What's the timing on defence de/buffs for Mysterio? i.e. Mysterios is carrying the senator and is within range of bitter rivals but when attacked allied Dr Strange raises his defences by 2, how many dice does Mysterio roll ? Attacker paid for bypassing defences 1. Bitter rival kicks in first and cannot reduce the defence below 1 then Strange's buff increases the dice pool to 3 then senator reduces it to 2 2. Strange's defence kicks in first raises the dice pool to 3 then bitter rivals reduces it to 2 and senator reduces it to 1 ? A.K
  17. Hi! If an attack´s effect is applied before damage. For example Drax´s titan killer Throw. Can you apply the effect if the attack did not caused damage to the enemy character? Thanks
  18. I want to confirm the Appendix A timing window of "would be x" abilities "Would be dazed/ko'd" "Would be damaged" Based on a previous ruling in regards to Queen of Hel, would be ko'd is Step 12 of Appendix A. (Picture slightly altered to remove irrelevant topics)) I'd like to confirm that other "would be dazed" or "would be damaged" are also Step 12 timing windows
  19. The attack sequence is roughly: 1. Choose an attack you have enough power for 2. Choose a target and resolved target-related effects 3. Pay the power for the attack I'm not sure why you pay for the power in step 3 instead of step 1 and it raises a few questions that I'm not sure how to resolve. I speculate you pay in step 3 in case you no longer have targets and your attack is cancelled (e.g. Loki) but that's speculation. The question in hand - what happens if I choose a power with a cost, and then in step 2 I spend power such that I can no longer pay for the attack in step 3? Some easy examples are Hawkeye's quick draw - the target could choose to pay for a defensive power and not have enough left when their attack resolves. Enchantress is another great example - what happens if the attacker chooses to pay 2 to target another defense and no longer has enough power to pay for their attack.
  20. So when resolving flurry and pushes, as the attacker can I attack then flurry if able and do my two pushes after or is it attack then push, flurry then push.
  21. Is it possible to have zero attack or defense dice combining separate effects like an objective token removing a defense dice, plus an incinerate condition, plus another effect taking away a dice to give someone zero dice pool? and the same question for attacks using different effects to reduce an attack dice pool to zero? Example: Venom holding the Senator from the 14 threat extract crisis has incinerate and gets attacked by an Energy type attack
  22. I am pretty new to the game so I am not sure if this is obvious or not, but in the rules I see where it says that dazed characters can't be affected by special rules, but I am not sure what all "special rules" implies. For a specific example, if Doctor Strange uses Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and gets the Mystic Binding trigger, but also dazes the target, does the dazed model get the activation token? Or does the Mystic Binding trigger count as a special rule? I am mostly wondering because of Field Dressing.
  23. Based on what is mentioned in this post - I'm of the understanding that "would be x" abilities are step 12 of Appendix A. If we have two abilities that trigger at the same time in this window, we don't appear to have any direct guidance in regards to the order those abilities should be resolved in. Consider Shuri using Panther Gauntlets on Thanos. If the attackers effects are resolved first, Thanos can suffer 0 damage due to "Being of Immeasurable Power" If the defenders effects are resolved first, Thanos would potentially still suffer 1 damage depending on the dice Shuri rolled. A previous messenger question got the answer that its attacker first, but I figured it would be good to get included in the forum
  24. At exactly what step does sap power happen. Let’s say you are using modok or enchantress you roll 2 wilds and the enemy character has 2 power but they want to re roll. Would sap power happen before that and take the power they have?
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