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Found 20 results

  1. Are there effects that trigger and resolve in step 13 of the timing table before they move on to step 14. Example rapid fire, would I get to do something reactively before the second attack happens like gambits enhanced agility. It seems a little off that rapid fire would trigger again in step 14 before I would resolve any of my own reactive super power effects that happen after an attack resolves.
  2. Red Skull, Master of Hydra's ability "Cut off one head..." states "If an allied Hydra Trooper is not in play when this character is chosen to activate, place them into play within range 1 of this character. They gain a stagger token and are part of your squad." In the AMG Battle report of SHIELD vs Hydra, it seemed like this was clarified, but if I understand correctly this means when Red Skull, Master of Hydra initiates to activate, he summons the Hydra Troopers in, and they gain stagger. Then the Grunts activate since their parent activated, clear their stagger for the first action, and get a single action. Then Red Skull, Master of Hydra activates, correct? Because of this, does this mean that if you have a normal turn with the Hydra Troopers on the board already (No stagger) due to the timing above that if the Hydra Troopers use "Hydra assault", they would be KO'd after completing this, and thus since Red Skull, Master of Hydra would not be able to summon them back into play since he has already begun his activation prior. In this case, starting with the grunts on he board before they were KO'd from Hydra Assault. Is this correct?
  3. per the core rule book, at step 13 of the attack sequence, the attack is resolved. step 14 then says resolve effects that occur after an attack. i.e malekith attacks star lord while within R3 of a ghost rider and pays for one skull to count as a crit, cloak of shadows says that skulls only counts as a crit for the remainder of the attack, is that all the way to step 14 or step 13 in the sequence, if it is step 13 according to my understanding malekith could not be effected by wicked judgement, but if its till step 14, he could, i guess what im looking for here is a more detailed answer on the wording of cloak of shadows since it says "for the remainder of the attack".
  4. Mystic Empowerment I saw a previous answer from Nov 2020 that says Doctor Strange can apply Mystic Empowerment to Beam and Area Attacks. I'm not understanding why, as Beam and Area Attacks never choose targets - a clear part of the requirements to use Mystic Empowerment. In order to help figure out what we are missing in our group, please consider the following: A player has a character (for ease of reference, we will say it is Loki) with a Beam or Area Attack. It is his turn, he decides to use that attack. Three enemy characters are under the measurement tool, thus in range of the chosen attack. For the purposes of this question, the three enemy characters have no special distinctions or rules that matter other than that they each have a defensive stat that is lower than the other two defensive stats. Loki (again, just a convenient reference - it does not matter that the charater is in fact Loki, only that the attacking character has a Beam or Area Attack) wishes to take advantage of Mystic Empowerment to make his attacks use the lower defensive stats of the enemy characters who will suffer his attack. The first part of Mystic Empowerment reads: "Once per turn, when an allied character declares an attack, before choosing a target it may spend one Power." The rules for both Area and Beam Attacks instruct the player to follow a different set of rules. The rules for Beam Attacks outright state "instead of declaring a target." The rules for Area Attacks say "The attacking character does't declare a target..." This would mean that Loki cannot take advantage of Mystic Empowerment to change the attack type, as it does not choose any targets. They are simply under the range stick and attacks are resolved against all enemies affected. Is this correct? If not, why not? As always, thanks!
  5. If BO player with healthy Thanos is on 15 points and the opposing player with 8 points passes the third cure to one of their characters already carrying two who gets the points first? - KO happens before the score, BO gets the last point and wins the game - The points are scored first the other player wins - KO and points happen at the same time, both go to 16 and game continues - Player with priority scores the point first and wins
  6. Hello, A dewback with a face-up order token goes to activate while under the effects of the New Ways to Motivate Them card. Can the dewback take a wound to perform a free action BEFORE or AFTER it is to rally? Example: Dewback has 4 suppression on it, would I be able to take a free recover action to get rid of the suppression in the situation outlined previously to avoid having the dewback panic.
  7. If antman is on zero power and does his builder, gaining 2 power. After the attack he wud drop a token he is holding (due to changing size) can he spend that two power to play Mission objective to pass the token off or wud it need to be paid prior to the power being gained? Just want to clarify the steps when power is gained and when the power needs to be spend.
  8. A very noob question: in the rulebook it says that one character may use superpowers or interact with objectives AFTER having made its two actions. Do I understand this correctly? So for example I cannot move, interact with objective, move again. Or move, use active power, attack. The rule book is misleading... Thank you
  9. Can an allied character play 'Fall Back' if they are not damaged from the attack? Thank you!
  10. I believe you roll and calculate success and damage (which will be applied) before any "before damage is dealt" effects. Do I lose cover I have if wolverine hits me with berserker barrage from outside Range 2? Place within 1 before damage is dealt, but do we not calculate all the attack results prior?
  11. My friend and I have both Doomed Prophecy and Blind Obsession. We know that player priority goes first, then second player. Question is, does the player with priority plays all his cards, or can players alternative tac cards back and forth like activations? Scenario 1: Play All tac cards Player A plays: Doomed Prophecy and Blind Obsession Player B plays:Doomed Prophecy and Blind Obsession Scenario 2: Alternate tac cards Player A plays: Doomed Prophecy Player B plays: Doomed Prophecy Player A plays: Blind Obsession Player B plays: Blind Obsession
  12. Character attacks with an attack that allows the character to move/advance medium after the attack is resolved. When damage is dealt during this attack, the target would daze. Target character is holding an asset / citizen. Can the attacking character interact to pick up the dropped token before or after the medium move?
  13. When mysterio has multiple targets to trigger his superpower on, say BP used his spender and pushed multiple people away simultaneously, does mysterio have to pay for any and all up front? Or can he pay and resolve one, therefore possibly opening up more opportunities by getting power for later ones?
  14. What is the timing interaction for receiving/removing poison for character holding a Legacy Extract who ends its' activation within Range 2 of an opposing Omega Red's Death Spores? Thank you
  15. Hello there! We had a situation during a tournament, hope you can help! Enemy unit (A) has a standby token. Friendly unit (B) has also a standby token. Enemy unit (X) is engaged with a friendly force user (Y) with Force Push. Y uses Force Push to move X out of engagement. Assume that units with standby are at range 1-2 and have LOS to both X and Y. Which Standby tokens trigger first? My friendly B because X moved? Or enemy A because A performed a Force Push free action? Second question: Whichever standby trigger first, if they attack the other unit with standby and successfully rolls a hit/crit, does the suppression strips the standby? Or all stanby are considered "triggered" and can be resolved? Thank you very much!
  16. Hi there! Kallus 3pip timing is "AFTER an enemy unit defends from a ranged attack". Also, receiving a suppression token takes place: "AFTER an attack, if the attack dice produced at least (...)" What is the exact timing of the command card, you first check the number of suppression tokens on the defending unit, or you first receive the suppression token for the attack? While checking the "Timing" entry on the RRG I'm not sure on what criteria follow. Thank you very much!
  17. Looking at the RRG, there are two conflicting timings listed for when Ion X affects shield tokens. Under the Ion X keyword: Under the Shield Tokens entry: I assume the entry under shield tokens is correct, otherwise they could be spent before Ion X takes effect. But it would be great to get clarification.
  18. What is the timing when a unit with free actions uses a standby token? 1) A unit of snowtroopers moves into range of a unit of tauntauns with a standby token. The tauntauns spend the standby token to do a move action. Can they perform the free attack action from relentless before the free attack action from the snowtroopers steady keyword occurs? 2) Can a standby interrupt another standby? The tauntauns from the example above move into range of another unit of snowtroopers. Can they spend their standby before the tauntauns attack from the relentless keyword?
  19. Had this situation come up in a game today. Valkyrie attacks Daredevil with a Dragon Fang attack, and rolls a wild. Flurry says after the attack is resolved, she can make a Strike attack. Daredevil's Man Without Fear says after an attack targeting him is resolved, he can use the superpower to make a Strike attack. Do I get to resolve Man Without Fear before Valkyrie makes her bonus Strike attack? And if not, am I able to use Man Without Fear twice (once for the initial Dragon Fang, then again for the bonus Strike)?
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