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Found 8 results

  1. To clarify, push away vs push away from this character. Push away is measured from the pushed character, while push from this character is measured from the character pushing the opponent
  2. Moving an obstacle toward something says: This movement must be measured directly toward the other component, along a line from the closest point on the obstacle to the closest point on the other component. If I pick up the obstacle, using a range ruler planted between the closest points of the two objects, sliding the obstacle to the left or right (relatively to the line between the closest points) permitted? Granted to obstacle's small portion still touches this line. The case was that a ship was between the Rift and (Doomed) Station so the station didn't fit between the rift and the ship. It was argued that the station could go in front of the ship because it would still touch the line drawn between the original place and the rift.
  3. Mystique uses Deception on Wolverine who is only R2 distance. When Wolverine is advanced towards Mystique can he be moved past her as long as he does not cross the angle initially established for being "towards"? Basically, in the picture below, could he end the advance at the end of the movement tool? We ruled he could, want to make sure it was played correctly.
  4. So I might be overthinking this but can pushes and throws be done any direction or can the character doing the push/throw choose any direction??
  5. If a character has a reactionary power such as Aggressive and they are in-based contact with the character that attacked them, can they move through the attacking character as part of the towards wording?
  6. 1. Are you allowed to pre-measure/pre-check a toward/away effect with the bent tool? I.e. See what the possible angles are before committing - I believe this to be a no because it’s not a distance your measuring and it’s only distance that’s called out as being pre-measurable. 2. Are you allowed to pre-measure crisis placement before choosing table edge? - The step order for building a mission with step 5 (table edge choice) being before mission setup implies to me a desire to leave it to a less analyzed choice, but I’m unsure if the game is considered to have started yet for pre-measurment purposes
  7. 1) Is the 90 degree tool applicable not only on pushes but also when throwing characters as well? 2) When throwing an interactive terrain, there is no longer any 90 degree restriction?
  8. Hi there. I used the search feature, but did not find anything regarding the use of movement tools in this context. Question: When utilizing the long movement tool (or any movement tool for that matter) to determine a Valid angle to push, throw, etc a model toward / away, does this count against the limit of movement tools which I may use for measurement? Am I allowed to simultaneously use a long movement tool to determine the correct angle for a push while also using a short movement tool to determine how far the model will be pushed? Does using the tool in this way count as using a movement tool for the purposes of 'not being allowed to measure with more than one movement tool'? Is the correct way to resolve this to have one player use their long movement tool to determine the angle, and have their opponent measure the distance with a short movement tool? Thanks for clarifying! Let me know if you need me to provide pictures for reference.
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