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  1. Hi, Am I allowed during deoployment to deploy units into transport open/closed units? I'm struggling to find relevant rule in rules reference. E.g. I would like to start game with black suns enforcers embarked into A-A5 speeder.
  2. Hi, Can a 1.4FD be deployed in a transport during the deployment step. Under the Transport X in the RRG it says : "During setup, if a player has deployed a vehicle with the transport x keyword, they may choose, as one of their deployments, to deploy an eligible unit such that it is being transported by that vehicle, even if that vehicle is outside their deployment zone. " As the 1.4FD is an emplacement trooper, i assume it falls under an 'Eligible' unit. Or does the the clause under Embark and Disembark cause the FD to no longer be an eligible unit? Units that have a maximum speed of 0 cannot embark or disembark. Units that have the stationary keyword cannot embark or disembark. If not, where would one find the definition of an eligible unit for being transported? Finally, if the FD could be transported, would it follow the standard base contact, speed 1 move once the transport is destroyed (as it could not take the disembark action)? Cheers!
  3. Is it legal for IG-11 to perform the self destruct attack in an open transport? If it can, then is the attack measured from the base of the transport? and I guess the transport is also affected by the self destruct attack yes? Thankyou
  4. 1. If IG-11 uses his Anti-Capture Protocols to perform a self-destruct action, does this interact with his Gunslinger keyword, as self-destruct attacks are ranged attacks? And if yes, does he get one gunslinger attack after all self-destruct attacks (since self-destruct is one free action), or one for each self-destruct attack? 2. If a self-destruct attack defeats a closed transport vehicle, causing its transported units to come out, can the self-destruct attack target this unit, as long as they are at range 1? Or did they need to be out when the self-destruct was declared?
  5. Is the speed 1 move mandatory? Are you not able to use that function in open transport, because you cant do the speed 1 move?
  6. Din and Grogu are in a transport and suffer wounds. Grogu is defeated. The reminder text says you replace his mini with the asset token. As they are in a transport there is nothing to replace on the table. Where does the asset token go and who places it?
  7. Hello! got these questions: 1) Could force push take out a enemy unit out from a close or open transport? saying like force pushing a black Suns unit out from the A-A5? 2) Can a unit with scout 3, be equiped with reccon intel, and reach scout 4?
  8. Hi can Comms relay be used by a unit to give an order to the unit that transporting it? couldn’t find in the reference if a unit is considered to be at any range of a unit transporting it. cheers in advance!
  9. Hi there, can I use Force Barrier while being transported? If I read the rules right it appears to be possible even in closed transport, but that doesnt feel right.
  10. When a Bomb detonates in Range and Line of Sight of an open Transport that is currently transporting a Unit, does the transported Unit get hit twice: once when the Vehicle get at least one wound and the second time when it is the defender itself, or does it not become target of the detonate attack itself?
  11. Hi, Can I assign a bomb Token to a Unit that was deployed as transported? If yes, where do I place it? in base contact with the transporting Unit? If not, can Units with bombs at all embark on transports?
  12. Rook has "Retinue: Maul" so she can get either an aim or dodge for being within range 1-2 of Maul at the start of the Activation phase... So my question is: If Maul is being transported in the AA5 (which is a Closed Transport), then can Rook still use "Retinue: Maul" as long as she is range 1-2 of the AA5 Maul is being transported in? Technically Rook is still meeting the requirements of the ability right?
  13. If a unit is in a closed transport, and that transport makes two moves, the transported unit may only disembark at Spd 1 and takes no further actions (including free actions). However, if the transport makes two moves and gets destroyed, the unit on board takes a wound and a single suppression, but otherwise seems to be free to make their normal moves (which could be a double Burst of Speed, move into melee, etc). Is this correct?
  14. hello, In the rrg it says units being transported by the transport x: closed keyword can still gain tokens as normal. would this include enemy tokens like immobilize and suppression from boba fetts whipchord launcher or just ally tokens from keywords like spotter or take cover? thanks
  15. May a unit onboard an open transport take a standby action? Or just a standby token? When the vehicle moves does that unit loose standby token? (It has not made any further action after all) supposing the token was taken before the vehicle's activation Can the standby token be spent to disembark? E.g. snow troopers on gav Snow's activation, aim and standby Tank's activation: move + move/shoot or what else. Opponent's activation activates the standby Snow disembark and attack for steady. Of course if the first answer is NO, all other questions are useless eheheh.... Thanks
  16. Hi, sorry if this has been answered here already but with the emperor and open transport if the tank had done two moves can he take his one action and do now you will die attacks with wounds? Also can the guardian keyword be used by IRG to protect the emperor while he is in open transport?
  17. Sorry, i think I worded my question incorrectly. If Padme or Anakin is transported in the LAAT. Can units on the ground spend Anakin or Padme’s tokens using the exemplar keyword? I appreciate the info. Thank you
  18. I keep seeing people say this is a great play, but is that an option? The Landspeeder says only 1 model and 3P0 is mandatory to add to R2
  19. Hi I have question to your answer from today: No. The unit being transported is not in base to base contact with a piece of terrain. ---- So if i have unit in open transport tank and tank is touch terrain score from key position. Dont i have two points? From Tank+unit inside Regards
  20. If a B2 unit with Comms Jammer is being transported by a Persuader tank, does Comms Jammer apply from the base of the tank at range 1? If the condition is Hostile Environment and a unit is being transported by a Persuader tank, is a suppression removed from the unit? What if the tank is touching a piece of terrain?
  21. Hi About this: " During setup, if a player has deployed a vehicle with the TRANSPORT X keyword, they may choose, as one of their deployments, to deploy an eligible unit such that it is being transported by that vehicle, even if that vehicle is outside their deployment zone." Can i first put unit to transport x vehice and then as next deployment, put transport x machine on table? For example: 1.depl trooper to open tank, second depl.next tank put in deployment zone Thx
  22. Hello There! I can't find a consensus anywhere on whether units being transported on either "Open" and/or "Light Open" transports suffer a wound when the transport suffers wounds, could you please clarify. Cheers!
  23. Hi, i didn't find anything in rrg, soo i came here) Can unit with claimed token (In hostage exchange and recovery supplies missions) make embark action? If yes, does it mean that he didn't lose claimed tokens?
  24. Say Han is being transported in a open transport the speeder, if the speeder takes any damage whilst transporting Han, does Han automatically take a wound?
  25. G’day, If Op Vader has ‘into the fray’ equipped and is onboard a laat that’s flown within range one of a few targets, does it trigger when those units activate, giving op Vader surges? Thanks, 😊👍🏻
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