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Found 12 results

  1. If Black Panther pounces into Mysterio, would the collision happen before or after tricks and traps could trigger?
  2. 1) Game is played on a C secure 2) Mysterio is not contesting the middle Secure, Sin is contesting the left Secure 3) Red Mayhem rolls Leadership on the left Secure and rolls a hit 4) Enemy characters is moved with the leadership 5) Enemy character is moved away, and into range 3 of Mysterio 6) Mysterio triggers Traps and Tricks doing 1 damage 7) Mysterio moves and is now contesting the middle Secure. Does that mean that now the Sin leadership is rolled for the middle contest or would that be rolled somewhere before Mysterio would reach it?
  3. Say an enemy ends a placement within range 3 of both my Green Goblin and Mysterio, would they both be able to use their respective ability or would only one of them be able to use it, since there is now another action/power that has happened since the placement?
  4. Mysterio attacks with his hypnosis gas, triggering a movement. 14a: mysterio moves a character with aggressive. Mysterio interrupts the attack sequence by reacting with tricks and traps. Tricks and traps does one damage, Mysterio moves. 14b aggressive triggers, aggressive character moves towards mysterio’s new position. Mysterio has another opportunity to trigger trips and traps again from aggressive move. The attack is over. Is this sequence correct? Could other triggers also interrupt the attack sequence at the same trigger as mysterio? (E.g.: Mysterio, Cassandra Nova’s psychic distraction and/or Rocket’s booby traps all firing off the same movement trigger.)
  5. If wolverine berserker barrages onto mysterio, when does tricks and traps happen? And can mysterio kill Wolverine before damage is dealt? And if so how does that resolve?
  6. Hello, Superpowers like "Trick and traps", "Trick or treat" etc ... the targeted character who takes the damage, the damage is considered as enemy effect damage? Suddenly they gain as much energy as damage inflicted, that's right. Yes or no ? Thank you.
  7. On its second action a character pays the power cost and uses the charge super power to move just within range to attack Mysterio. Assuming damage is done by T&T and Mysterio gets to move outside of the attack's range does anything else happen? It seems to me the charging character just paid the power cost for a move action with no refund as there is no language about getting an action back within the tricks & traps super power. As it was the character's second action the turn would end. Is that correct? Thanks in advance.
  8. If Mysterio attacks toad using hypnosis gas does a damage and moves toad to within 3 of mysterio. Could mysterio trigger tricks and traps before toad triggered slippery?
  9. When mysterio has multiple targets to trigger his superpower on, say BP used his spender and pushed multiple people away simultaneously, does mysterio have to pay for any and all up front? Or can he pay and resolve one, therefore possibly opening up more opportunities by getting power for later ones?
  10. Hi, I thought that Spider-Tracker works similar to Mysterio's Tricks and Traps, but then I noticed the different wordings. What is the difference between "Move Action" and "Movement"? Does this mean that Spider-Tracker can be triggered when someone uses an ability like Body Slide by one or is pushed or thrown? Thanks in advance.
  11. Mysterio Targets Angela with an attack, Gwen uses Life Saver but Angela is still within range of his attack. Mysterio uses Tricks and Traps, Dazes Angela so can no longer attack. Does Mysterio gain his action back for the attack?
  12. Question guys, Angela special deliveries she hulk next to a enemy mysterio with 0 power. She hulk hits mysterio with her free builder and does 5 damage. Does mysterio then get to use tricks and traps with his newly acquired power before Angela continues her activation?
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