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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, A beam attack is declared by an enemy character, and the template is placed in a way that it targets Loki, plus other allied characters. If Loki was declared as the first target to be attacked and he uses Trickster, does this stop all attacks being made, as Loki is now out of Range of the beam attack? As the beam attack targeted multiple characters, if the above is correct, does this mean the enemy character may not make another attack in place of this 'lost' attack?
  2. If Malekith uses Ferocity into a target and the opponent uses Eye in the sky, or similar effect such as life saver, trickster, escort to safety, does Malekith get the action back even though he made the move?
  3. I feel like this is a yes, but might as well have a post on it to be 100% sure. If Killmonger declares an attack against a target and the attack sequence is ended via trickster or another similar ability, does killmonger gain the additional two dice if he targets them with another attack that around?
  4. If I use the face me TTC on a model with Loki/ quicksilver/ eye in the sky target and I advance the model towards them is there a window to "trickster" out of that attack ? And if so would the face me target get an action ?
  5. If you use the Helios Laser and say you want to sink 30 power into it. If someone uses Eye in the Sky or trickster etc to move do you still count has having spent the power? The rules say you spend power in step 3 of the timing charge. Targeting effects is in step 2.d. but step 1.a says you have to have the power to play the card.
  6. If Iron man declares a Helios attack against a character and the attack is stopped by a trickster or other similar effect, is he able to target a different character with the attack?
  7. A question regarding the interaction of Trickster and follow up Rapid Fire Attacks. Request clarification on the following interaction: Moon Knight targets Loki with an initial Rapid Fire attack and triggers a follow up attack. During this follow up attack Loki is declared the target as the attack must target the original character. Two questions on this interaction: 1. Is there an opportunity for Loki to declare Trickster on the follow up rapid fire attack? 2. Trickster states that if it is the attacker's activation, and the attack did not target multiple characters, the attacker may make another action. Does this refund the full attack action for Moon Knight if Trickster is able to be played as per point 1 above and Loki can move out of range of the attack?
  8. If someone initiates a beam attack and targets Loki and Quicksilver. If both use trickster and Can’t Catch Me respectfully to get out of range of the beam, does the person initiating lose the attack action because the beam targeted multiple people even though neither targets could be actually targeted?
  9. Hello, If Loki tricksters away from an attack, that Corvus and Proxima have paid the power for to perform the TTC execute. Would Loki still not roll defence dice of he is still in range of another attack? Thanks
  10. For this example, assume Cyclops is at range 4 of Loki with no intervening terrain to block LOS. As his first action, Cyclops pays 3 power for Hit & Run, targets Loki with Optic Blast. Loki spends 3 power for Trickster, moves S away from Cyclops. Attack ends as it is no longer in range. Cyclops is given another action from Trickster as Loki was the only target. Cyclops still has the move action from Hit & Run, moves M toward Loki, still has 2 actions remaining. Is this correct?
  11. I'd like to get the official word on this since its the opposite of most interactions. We have an attacker making a beam or area attack against a single target during its activation. Ghost-Spider uses Life Saver to pull the attacked character outside of the attacks range OR Loki uses Trickster to get outside of the attacks range. The attacker gets another action as per Life Saver/Tricksters rules, since the attack only targeted a single character. If that attack cost power though, the attacker will still have spent that power in this situation, correct? Unlike normal attacks that pay power in Appendix A step 3 (which is after Life Saver or Trickster triggers & resolves), Beam and Area attacks state that you pay power prior to triggering the targeting step on any individual character.
  12. If Loki Tricksters out of one of Crystals attacks (during normal activation) and Crystal goes on to use Elemental Onslaught is she considered to have 'used' the attack during the Trickstered action (she wouldn't have paid for it) Eg. First action Crystal declares Volcanic Surge (B3 no other targets just Loki) Loki Tricksters out of range Crystal uses here new action to move closer Second action Crystal does a Hydrokenisis attack(R4) She then pays for Elemental Onslaught (and she is within R3 of Loki) is (a.) the only attack left that she can declare Hurricane Blast (R4) or (b.) does she also have the option to declare Volcanic Surge as she never paid for it? Step 1 is declare attack, trickster triggers in 2, pay for attack is 3. at what point is the attack considered used? Step 1 or 3?
  13. Curious how this works. Valkyrie charged Loki (the Charge superpower), spending 2 and added 1 power due to his God of Mischief superpower. Loki uses Trickster to move outside the range of her strike. Valkyrie is in range to attack another target but the Trickster ability says the attack ends, but she can perform another action. So she didn't lose her first action then? She had begun the activation using the Charge superpower, so would have a second in the bank. Does Valkyrie lose the power she spent? Does she lose the charge (ie isn't moved her advance distance) and can then decide to perform a different action before she spent the power. Or did she move and has to redirect the attack at another foe in range? I am thinking that since it's not an attack targeting multiple targets, she is at her original position, doesn't spend the power and has to choose a different action. Alternatively, she makes the move, spends the 3 power, but now has both actions as she didn't use her second one yet, and the first one is returned due to Loki's Trickster power. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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