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  1. During the Cleanup phase in DDoD the Attacker has Backup! which reads as in the photo Is the order of Flip Closed Portals to Open then Bring in Reserves equal to # of Open Portals + 3 Threat onto the battlefield, or should they re-open after the # of Portals + 3 calculated?
  2. Hi. In CK09, can the defenders interact with the Artefacts and can they be stolen from an attacker by an effect, for example by Quicksilver or Blackcat? If so, what happens to them? Thanks!
  3. This feels like a dumb question, but if in the OP kit scenarios with Attacker/Defender if there's not an interact listed for a token type for that side is it correct that they can't interact with it at all? I understand that they could steal an objective token with Black Cat or Enchantress and they would drop it when dazed, but they can't do anything else with it from another thread on that subject.
  4. Hello! In the mutant masterworks ultimate encounter, after magneto activates does the cosmic threat player place 1 soldier token at EACH rally point, or 1 total? With only 1 total and Magneto able to place codes in the discard pile it seems very difficult to win as the crisis team.
  5. I'm running an Infinity War league at my store and a player has asked for a rules clarification on one of the Mind Gem's stickers. It reads: "Once per game, during the Cleanup Phase, you may choose to have one enemy character count as an allied character for the purposes of scoring VPs." Does this mean: A) Both players score VPs from this character in the Cleanup Phase? B) Only the player who used the Mind Gem's power scores VPs from this character in the Cleanup Phase? Thanks for your help!
  6. Is there an easy way to tell if either part of Mystique's leadership will be able to interact with tokens in the various OP kits/UE scenarios? Since they're not explicitly labelled as S/E always, is there another keyword to watch for to make telling what she can do easier? Thanks as always!
  7. Hi everyone, just bought the Dormammu set and had a question before I play. When the Banishment card says “the damage from this attack cannot be prevented by the Beings From Another Dimension special rule” which part is it referring to? Is it referring to not removing damage if you daze them meaning they stay on the battlefield and you can KO them next time around? At first I assumed it meant the Dark Servants status card thank you for any help in advance!
  8. I'm planning on playing the Dormammu OP kit tomorrow, I just watched the AMG playthrough and it is mentioned around 2:50 that the Cosmic threat's minions do not get damaged if they are near the portals, instead they are pushed. Is this in the rules somewhere? I can't find the text and may be missing something. Thanks in advance
  9. During the Dormammu UE, a Dark portal is closed and the crisis team draws "Banishment" from the spell deck and perform the following attack. Dormammu becomes daze and is removed from the table but the card says damage from this attack can't be prevented by the being from another dimension special rule. That special rule is what allows them to respawn so does this mean that he doesn't come back and is ko'ed? And I auto loss cause they pulled the God card(which I'm fine with since it felt thematic lol)
  10. Related question (kinda) one faction is A-Force and the leadership is 1 Allie character gets hurt another can get a power. So in a U E if your partners team gets hurt I assume they could get power but can they give that power to an Allie on the team? While reading the power it would seem so because it just says Allie w/ no specific wording saying they couldn't
  11. Quick question. We are playing the Infinity Gauntlet Ultimate Encounter. One player has a squad of Midnight Sons and another has a squad of Defenders. The player with Midnight Sons uses a MS character, say Blade, to activate the Siege of Darkness tactic card which allows all their MS characters to take a free attack. Does that also mean that any MS characters on the Defenders affiliated squad would also get a free attack? Even though, for that scenario, they are affiliated with the Defenders and not Midnight Sons. Thanks and have a great day! Shayne
  12. I can think of three (technically four) powers and tactic cards that allow you to activate a second model before your turn ends. Corvus/Proxima (each), Sin followed by Crossbones and the Tactics card “Follow me.” When playing an Ultimate Encounter, how do these interact with the activation tracker and the Cosmic threat’s turn?
  13. If Angela is between Unstoppable Colossus and the priority Cerebro tower, how do you place the movement tool? Does his rampage ignore her living ribbons or just go to the side of her?
  14. I’m getting ready to run the Unstoppable Colossus encounter at my LGS. I have a question. if Iron Fist uses his Iron Fist on the Unstoppable Colossus does he gain an activated token?
  15. Anyone know how the number 3 option on the Programing Options works? If Ultron is outside if range 5, and can't get to the console, does it still interact with it? Does the Matter Transfer just beam him to the console? Or does he just get as close as he can, and if he is too far to interact he just does not interact? If it just teleports him, then why does he do a move beforehand?
  16. Hello! I was playing the Dormammu UE lastnight for the first time. Was great fun, but there are a couple of things I need clearing up 1, we played narrative so 0 TTC's in play, one of the guys had Dr Strange in his Crisis team so took his infinity gem cards in the match with him as he has the gems in his passive stat on his card. Is this correct and allowed or are the gems classed as TTC's and therefore cnt be used in that UE. 2, if dormamu is at 0 presence in the clean up phase, would he be able to move upto presence 1 for free, as it states you pay power equal to your presence to power up. Thanks in advance guys
  17. I was going through the Unstoppable Colossus UE, and I noticed that it mentions dificulty levels for the purposes of Tactical Cards and times to daze Colossus, but I could not find a table, like one would for the Thanos UE. Is this something that was overlooked or am I just missing a part of the encounter?
  18. In Ultimate Encounters (for example, Mutant Masterworks) where two players have separate squads but are on a single Crisis Team, do both players’ characters count as “allied” with each other and potentially gain the benefit of each others’ leadership abilities?
  19. I was reading through the ue for the unstoppable Colossus encounter and I couldn't find What size Colossus was or if there was a token / figure we're supposed to use for the encounter to represent Colossus.
  20. So I understand that players can form somewhat of their own rules for ultimate encounters, but say one members of the crisis team uses the Helios Laser Bombardment to attack Thanos Chosen of Death. Can both teams pay for the card to add dice? In a similar fashion can a card like disarm be paid for by one character on each team, or would only the player who brought the card be able to play it with his own characters? Let me tell you, a 24 dice Helios laser certainly ended Thanos. XD
  21. In the Ultron Ultimate Encounter, when using his doomsday device, the rules for rolling a block result reads this... "One Path to Peace: Remove all Terrified Citizen tokens from the battlefield. The Cosmic Threat player scores 1 VP for each Citizen removed in this way." Does that include citizens that are currently being carried by the Crisis Team?
  22. If Thanos doesn’t have a suppression token does bleed damage him? If Thanos uses a bean attack can he use his re roll once per attack on each bean attack? after each cleanup phase does Thanos have access to any of the 6 stones for the next round or does he lose access to the one he went into the phase using?
  23. Hi! Can the use of superpowers like "Husband/Wife of" of Próxima/Corvus respectively, or Sin's "Partners in Crime", grant you more than the maximum three activations you can use during the turn of the Crisis Team? (meaning, what happens if during my third activation in a row I activate one of this characters, and try to play this superpower? would I gain a "fourth" additional activation?) Thanks for the answer!
  24. Under Suppression on the cosmic threat tip card it mentions the Cosmic Entities Status Card, what is this? Am I missing a card?
  25. Straight forward question, can Thanos minions take damage or do they need suppression tokens to take damage? Under the impression that all of the cosmic threat team has the shield. Thanks
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