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Found 19 results

  1. If I use the attack red fury on venom. Does venom get to resolve his so many snacks before the assualt rifle attack? Because there is a period after the push does it not make the assualt rifle attack not part of the attack sequence like the push is?
  2. Ran into a new situation last night on game night. Storm used Hurricane with Spider-Man and Mysterio in the A2 range. Venom used Lethal Protector to move in next to Spidey and take the hit, now placing him in range of the A2 Hurricane attack. Does the timing on LP keep Venom safe from being a target of the Hurricane and taking Spidey’s hit only, or does he take the hit for Spidey and then takes a hit himself?
  3. Does cover count as dice modification? for example would venom ignore all cover if it’s classed as a modification of dice?
  4. Howdy 🙂 if Magneto uses his area attack which catches 3 enemy models in it, one being venom, and then damages venom first. Can venom use his counter attack to interrupt Magneto and try to daze him to stop the other two characters being attacked?
  5. If Juggernaut is targeted with an attack (step 2a I think) and Venom resolves Lethal protector (2d) and “becomes” the target can Juggernaut then play making a ruckus for the S advance with a strike attack?
  6. If Venom plays the team tactics card Lethal Protector but there is not a legal placement for his base within 1 of the friendly character what happens? Does the card have no effect as it is not able to complete the portion up to the changing of the attack's target or does Venom not move but take the attack? Thank you!
  7. can you counter a counter attacks ? Example: Daredevil (DD) and venom are R2 of each other & DD strikes Venom, he then "so many snacks" back, can DD use "man without fear" ? and then if this is allowed ? can you just keep counter attacking each other until power runs dry? Cant seem to find an answer but maybe i am monging it.
  8. Winter soldier uses Red Fury, venom responds with So many attacks Winter soldier then makes an assault rifle attack and follows up with rapid fire When does venom attack? After fury, assault or rapid fire ?
  9. Does Domino Probability Manipulation is cancelled by Venom Symbiotic instincts or it's not considered a dice mod. thx
  10. Scenario 1. Quicksilver attacks an Enemy Character (Venom, or Baron Zemo or Black Widow) and does Damage. 2. When this attack is resolved he has less than 2 Power remaining, and cannot afford 2 Power for Can I Borrow That?. 3. Reactive Super Power: Venom now uses So Many Snacks and We Are Venom with the Power he has accumulated. 4. Venom Damages Quicksilver and Quicksilver Gains Power for Damage due to an Enemy Effect. (Or Zemo/ Blackwidow/ etc do their Reactive Superpower Damage) 5. Quicksilver now has 2 Power, or more, and it is still his Activation. 6. May Quicksilver now use Can I borrow That? As I understand, Tactics Card is played, and used that Turn, but may it be used at anytime during that Turn? Does it need to be used before Reactive Super Powers, and/or before the next Action?
  11. Since the card doesn't state another allied character and Venom is within range of himself. Can Venom use Lethal Protector on himself to give him a Range 1 place from his current location?
  12. Hi, Does Venom Symbiotic Instincts power nulify Gamora Martial Prowess power ? Thank you.
  13. Tactical card : Uneasy Allies Hello everyone. The conditions for using this card are Take the spider man attack as an example 1. Spider-man, venom within 2 rang of the enemy. or 2. Spider-man, there is an ally character within 2 rang to the enemy. And, it is the attacker and the person next to the enemy who are suffer damage...right? English is very poor, please forgive me if the text is rude. ===== Uneasy Allies Reactive During their activation, when spider-man or venom targets an enemy character with an attack that is within rang 2 of the other allied character, both characters may suffer 1 damage to play this card. Add 3 dice to the attack roll.
  14. If you have a squad with both Carnage and Venom (Eddie Brock) in use, does Carnage's arch nemisis super power come into play if they get in range of each other? Example: Player 1's Venom moves within 3 of Player 1's Carnage. Next activation for Player 1 is Carnage. Does Player 1's Carnage have to attack Player 1's Venom for its first action even though they are on the same squad?
  15. Valkyrie attacked Venom triggering flurry while Venom spent 2 power to use So Many Snacks. I think Valkyrie can do the flurry stack before Venom do his attack, is that correct? And if venom is dazed after the Valkyries second attack, he looses the opportunity to attack back ?
  16. If Angela is the defending character, and uses the recalibration matrix card, would the attacker reroll his attack dice? Or would Living Ribbons prevent that, and only Angela would reroll her defense dice? And following the same example, if she was attacked by Venom... which dice could be rerolled, if any?
  17. Hello everyone ! Thank to had me on the forum. I have a question. my friend played venom s attack symbiote tendrils on my black panther i want to use the vibranium armor white says : when defending against strike attack it s adds blank defend dice total sucesses and venom symbiotic instinct says : when it s attack defending caracter cannot modify defending dice. so my question is vibranium armor work on the blanks or not ? thank for you re future response i Checked first on the forum couldn t find it by myself so sorry if it wars already post
  18. Since cover is done at the modify dice step does this mean that if I roll 1 block and 1 skull I cannot modify the skull and therefore don’t benefit from cover? Does this also mean no one gains cover against Venom?
  19. Can Venom Push Mystique with Web Snare if she is outside range 3? can Venom Push an enemy model by using Web Snare if they are under the effect of Shadow Organization and outside of range 2? thanks!
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