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Found 11 results

  1. If Ant-man or Wasp uses a power in there tiny form to interact with say alien ship crashed in downtown and gets a critical result, what happens ? Does the kree power core token just stay where it's is Or Does the token get "picked up" but as they can't hold objectives it is immediately dropped and that drop is resolved by the opponent?
  2. If Antman or Wasp are under the effect of Root/God of Mischief and attempts to use an their change size or pym particle control, can they make use of Steve's leadership or since the root/GoM are a tax before using the superpower they must pay 2.
  3. Hello! I think it was covered before, but I can't find it now. What happens if the model makes a transform during attack targeting it (for example Ant-Man using Pym particle control) and gets out of attack range? Does attack continue regardless of new range?
  4. Ant-man and Wasp “transform” from tiny to normal and the reverse. The Transform rules say to place the new form. Is this a place for effects such as Trick or Treat? Just clarifying since the card says Transform, and doesn’t say place.
  5. When wasp turns tiny is says she drops all token and cannot hold objective tokens. Does this also apply to holding a secure point. I said she could still hold a secure because she’s not holding an objective token on her card.
  6. Storm lays a beam on who is not in cover. Antman uses pym particle control to move to a location not under the beam that he would have cover. Per the errata the beam would still hit him but would he benefit from cover? When is cover actually determined?
  7. Can antman and wasp interact with extracts (like a safehouse) when they are tiny? If they can does the token just flip since they can't pick it up.
  8. Hey guys, Can Ant-man and Wasp use change size in there normal and tiny sizes in the same turn via the change size super power? The ability says that the change size power can only be used once per turn but they both mention they transform into different models so is it the same power or different? Thanks!
  9. According to the rulebook "When a character holding one or more objective tokens is Dazed or Ko'd, they drop all objective tokens they were holding. (...) The opposing player of the character that dropped the tokens places them". What happens for characters as Ant-Man or the Wasp who will drop objectives when changing to tiny? Does the opposing player still place the tokens?
  10. First the Question... Can Antman/Wasp be set up as either normal or tiny? Also is it possible to get or is there already a token guide? As its not always obvious what tokens are for Thanks
  11. If antman or wasp change size as a reaction for an attack and he goes out of range by that action. Is he still targeted by attack or not?
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