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Found 17 results

  1. If I use the attack red fury on venom. Does venom get to resolve his so many snacks before the assualt rifle attack? Because there is a period after the push does it not make the assualt rifle attack not part of the attack sequence like the push is?
  2. Hi, Well-laid plans dazed an enemy character and Winter Soldier wants to use Got Your Back. We suppose WLP it's and enemy effect but Who is the enemy character who suffers this attack in response. WS can choose beetween Doc Ock and GG? Many Thanks
  3. If somebody gets dazed or ko'd in range of both can they both got your back or not. The whole same name effect got my playgroup a bit confused as to if it applies here or not
  4. If winter soldier does a red fury attack but is unable to push the target (vision in physical mode, Hulkbuster “built to take it”, etc), does Bucky get to do the follow up assault rifle attack?
  5. As I understand, winter soldier now maxium attack output will be Red Fury + Assault Rifle+ raiper fire Assault rifle in one action, so he may do that twice to make near 30 dice attack, am I right ?
  6. Can Crystal use Elemental Onslaught in the middle of a beam or area attack? Here is an example: Crystal declares a Volcanic Surge Attack that targets three enemy characters. After the first attack is resolved, she pays for Elemental Onslaught and chooses Earth-Shaker. Crystal then proceeds to use the Earth-Shaker attack until it is completely resolved, then continues with her Volcanic Surge beam attack on the remaining targets. Do I have that right? What happens if that first attack with Volcanic Surge as descripted above dazes an enemy character and an enemy Winter Soldier pays for Got Your Back? It is my understanding that because Crystal used Elemental Onslaught during 14a, and Got Your Back was paid for during 14b, that Crystal would get to complete the Earth-Shaker attack before Winter Soldier was able to do the Rapid Fire attack from Got Your Back Do I have this right? Thank you
  7. If Angela dazes an enemy character and uses Angelic Assassin to attack Winter Soldier, can Winter Soldier use power gained from taking damage to pay for Got Your Back?
  8. Question if Winter Soldier attacks Red Skull with Red Fury can Red Skull use his Hail Hydra superpower for either of the Assault Rifle attacks after Winter Soldier punches and pushes him? Thanks
  9. Can Winter Soldiers ‘Got Your Back’ ability be triggered by an allied Grunt character being dazed or KOd?
  10. I have seen answered elsewhere that if for example, Winter Soldier used Red Fury, and followed it up with a free Assault rifle, and a extra proc off of that, someone like Venom would not respond with So Many Snacks till after all 3 attacks finished. I follow that. What I want to clarify is a situation like this: Say it's still W.Soldier, but it's Taskmaster with his Photographic Reflexes. WS does the same 3 attacks off of 1 action chain as above.. When all 3 are finished, would Taskmaster then be able to use P.Reflexes 3 times in a row? If so, would you be responding to the 3rd attack first, or the 1st? This matters because of the 4/6 dice difference on Taskmaster. So please clarify if it is 3 responses, would you be rolling 4-6-6?, 6-6-4? In a situation like this, would Taskmaster's controller have to pay and announce his intent to use P.Reflexes after each of Soldier's attacks, or could he wait till it was his turn to use responses and then announce and pay for all 3? Thank you for your time.
  11. Winter soldier uses Red Fury, venom responds with So many attacks Winter soldier then makes an assault rifle attack and follows up with rapid fire When does venom attack? After fury, assault or rapid fire ?
  12. Hi, If Winter Soldier targets Dormammu with Assault Rifle and triggers a rapid fire, but Dormammu uses "Feel the Power of Darkness!" which one triggers first? If "Feel the Power of Darkness!" triggers first would Winter Soldier still be able to rapid fire? I would assume no if he is out of range. Thanks!
  13. The wording of 'Spetznaz training' can be read in two ways: 'This character may reroll one die when either attacking or being attacked by a character that is within range 1'. Question is: does the range restriction apply when both attacking and defending, or only when defending?
  14. Hydra tattics of Winter Soldier can i use it multiple times, choosing different allied characters?
  15. If Both Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Captain America (Sam Wilson) are both in range 1 of Winter Solder when the Tactics Card "End of the line" is played which Captain America (Sam or Steve) Gets the tactic card's bonus one or both?
  16. It reads When a Allied Character is KO'd or Dazed this character makes an assault rifle attack against the enemy that caused this effect. It doesn't mention LOS or Range, Is Winter Soldier only able to use this ability if he ALSO has LOS and is within range 5 or 3 against stealth characters?
  17. Heya, if using the tactics card "Till the end of the line" with Cap and Winter Soldier and during the round after activating the card one of the characters is dazed, does the benefit of the extra defense dice and no push still apply to the not dazed character. Thanks.
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