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Found 14 results

  1. Hello If a trooper unit wants to withdraw from melee and the only way to do this is by changing elevation (not enough space on same elevation) is it still able to do so (I guess by climbing/clambering)? If so can Scale or Ascension Cabels help avoid rolling for wounds? Best regards
  2. I tried looking and I had to be sure. If a unit that is originally speed 2 gained 1 immobilize token. Could that unit withdraw from melee? I understand that if a unit is reduced down to speed 0, it is unable to make any more however I am unsure as to when each condition is checked.
  3. Can a unit engaged with multiple enemy units withdraw from all of them using the withdraw action, or is withdraw only usable against one unit at a time, and therefore cannot be performed in this scenario?
  4. Creature Trooper: Withdraw: Relentless: So from this if my Dewback is engaged with a unit it could spend it's activation to withdraw and speed one move into another unit and attack because of relentless OR speed one move away and shoot a ranged weapon because of relentless? FYI: These images are pulled from the RRG released today as well.
  5. Hi, Can a unit withdraw from melee using free action from Yoda's Guidance action?
  6. Withdraw is considered move action can unit perform it by spending standby token?
  7. Good afternoon, I have two questions: 1. Can a creature trooper with the Reposition keyword, such as a dewback, use Reposition after a move that puts it into contact base to base with an enemy unit? 2. Can the same dewback use Reposition at the start of a Withdraw movement? Thank you.
  8. Ai: Move requires that you make a Move action when it triggers. Movement does not include Withdraw as part of the description of Move actions in the first bullet point, but Withdraw does say that Withdraw is a Move action. Can you Withdraw when Ai: Move is triggered?
  9. Creature trooper is engaged by 2 or more trooper units. Can the creature trooper withdraw from the engagement?
  10. Sorry if the question is not a sharp one, but I play once in a while and with all the changes with the rules, sometimes I get confused. If a Tauntaun riders unit engaged, withdraws, using its entire activation, can it use their abilities agile and relentless and, this way, make a range attack and gain a dodge token? And, in case the unit withdraws and make contact with another unit, and use relentless, can also use ram? Thanks, and sorry again!
  11. Can I use New ways to motivate them in a dewback, suffer a wound, do a free action and then withdraw? "When a creature trooper or emplacement trooper withdraws, it can perform free actions and use abilities. It must still spend all available actions and performs a speed-1 move" "When a Friendly non Darth Vader trooper unit with a face up order token activates it may suffer one wound to perform one free action".
  12. Hello There! Trooper Unit A activates and performs an action/move/attack. Trooper Unit B has a standby token, LOS and in Range 1-2 to Unit A. He spends the standby token to perform a move action, moving the leader in base contact with a model of unit A, successfully starting a melee and being engaged. Unit A continues his activation, it just has 1 action remaining. Could it disengage? Thank you!
  13. Would an End of Activation attack, such as from the Air Support command card, be able to be made if the unit panics during their activation. Similarly would it be able to make the attack if it withdraws? When reading the panic entry it seems like it wouldn't prevent end of activation abilities as it only affects actions taken during the perform actions step. Conversely Withdraw seems like it would prevent it based on this line from the RRG entry on pg 86 "To withdraw a unit must use its entire activation and spend all of its available actions to perform a single speed-1 move." A withdraw takes a unit's "entire activation" which could encompass the End of Unit Activation step, preventing the attack. Thanks!
  14. Howdy! When a creature trooper withdraws is it allowed to use relentless off of its speed 1 move? Also, in the case of the drawback are they allowed to spur into a speed 2 move when they withdraw?
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