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Found 5 results

  1. Hello there. currently in our group we are discussing the following situation. I need a clarification, if we played it wrong or not. Attention: Paint-Skills incoming 🙂 The blue unit (L = Leader; S= Sniper/ different weapon) moves and want to shoot at the Red Unit (B1 with Worker Droid ("A"); "B" is a default Trooper). The blue sniper ("S") builds a new attack pool and shoots on the orange unit, but has LOS to the blue "B". The blue leader (and the Rest of the unit) only have LOS to the Worker Droid, but the Sniper has LOS to another model in that unit. Now does the blue unit (without sniper) 1 wound to the red unit. Question: Who got the wound? The Worker Droid, because that was the only model seen by the attack pool or model blue "B" because it was seen by blue "S"? Imo i think that only the worker droid is killed, because the Sniper isn't a part from the attack-pool, so it is no attacker against the red unit, but maybe i'm wrong with it. Here the Parts from the referenz pdf: WOUNDS During an attack, if line of sight to a mini in the defender is blocked from all minis in the attacker, that mini in the defender cannot suffer wounds. ATTACK Form Attack Pool: The attack pool consists of all the dice the attacker will roll against this defender. Declare Additional Defender: If there are any weapons remaining that have not been added to the attack pool, the player may repeat steps 1–2, forming a separate attack pool with the new weapons. Thanks
  2. Hello!!! If unit A shooting in unit B and see all models (include a leader), can i allocated wound on a leader if he has wound capacity of 1? Can Iden Versio allocated 5 wound on herself and then start allocated to their droid ID10 Thank you!
  3. If an enemy kills my unit leader before other minis in that unit by some cover shenanigans etc, i would have to replace one of the other minis with the unit leader. If that is a unit leader with 2 wounds or more like Fives or Echo e.g. how does that happen? Do i just swap out a simple Phase 1 Clone for the 2 Wound Fives Miniature, thereby "gaining" one wound on the squad?
  4. Moin (northern Germany greeting), in my last game a curious situation came up I'd like to sort out. I had a unit of rebel troopers, that was shooting at a unit of B2s which had a tactical droid upgrade as unit leader. There were 4 B2s and then the tactical droid so a total of 5 minis. Two of the B2s were behind a wall, so they couldn't get shot and get wounds. After all dice rolling the B2s got 5 wounds. So the two B2s out in the open received two wounds each and were defeated and removed. The last wound then went to the tactical droid, because he was the only mini visible, even though he was the unit leader. The tactical droid has only one wound, unlike the B2s which have two. So the tactical droid got defeated. The rules say that when a unit leader is defeated he will be put back on the battlefield swapping out one of the obscured models. But in this instance swapping out a normal B2 for the tactical droid would have meant swapping a model with two wounds for a model with only one. Meaning the unit would effectively lose another wound. We couldn't find anything on that in the RRG so in the end we removed the tactical droid and left the two B2s behind the wall which the rebels couldn't see. That solved the issue of the "missing" wound if we had swapped, but left the unit without the benefits of the tactical droid and the official unit leader. Please clarify how this should be handled. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi guys, I know there is a rule that the unit leader (unless not otherwise possible) is the last model in a unit to suffer wounds. Unfortunately I cannot find this bullet point in the RRG anymore. Could you please help me?
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