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Compulsory Moves and Bombing Run

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I believe this is correct, but I would like confirmation that my thinking is on the right track: A repulsor unit with the Speeder X keyword performs its compulsory move at either the beginning or end of its perform action step. This means that the free action "Drop" from a card like bombing run cannot be done after the compulsory move. Thus, if the vehicle wishes to triple move and drop the bomb at the same time, the compulsory move must be done first. 

Second, this also means there must be a legal place for the repulsor vehicle to land as they only displace on compulsory moves. 

The T-47, A-A5 with Reckless Driver, Bikes/Swoops, and Landspeeder, etc. cannot move, move, compulsory+displace and THEN drop the bomb. 

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