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Having trouble understanding what parts of an upgrade card that adds a miniature are permanent to the unit if that mini is defeated.  If a saboteur is defeated I’m assuming that the unit loses arm keyword but not detonate.  If so why?  If comms tech is added and defeated does the comms upgrade go away also.  In the crb it says you don’t lose upgrade icons.  Is that a comms upgrade in this case?  Thanks so much!

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Refer to page 17, "Defeating Upgrade Card Miniatures":


When a miniature added by an Upgrade Card is defeated, the unit it was added to can no longer use or benefit from any rules on the Upgrade Card, with the exception of additional upgrade icons granted to the unit.

In your example, a unit that has had its "saboteur" miniature defeated can longer use both the Arm and Detonate keywords it granted.

A "comms tech" miniature grants an additional upgrade icon, which are specifically outlined above, and are retained even if that miniature is defeated.

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