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Take Cover Clarification - Leia/Rebel Office Vs Portable Scanner/Rules Reference.

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Hi Team,

Just wanting clarification on the Take Cover keyword ahead of places reopening for tournaments.

Leia/Rebel office's Take Cover keyword as printed on their cards states a "Friendly Trooper" may gain a Dodge.

Portable Scanner/Rules Reference just states "Friendly Unit" which is correct or are they supposed to be unique in how they work? If so potential keyword rework/errata needed on Leia/Officer - if it's all supposed to be the same can we get this in the next Rules Reference/Errata please? Just to avoid any issues at tournaments/friendly spats going forward 🙂


As under Golden rule "If an effect on a card or another component contradicts rules found in the Learn to Play booklet or Rules Reference, that component takes precedence."
So this kind of breaks Leia taking Portable Scanner she then has Take Cover 2 (herself which can only go to troopers) and Take Cover 1 (which can go to any unit)

Spotter on Veers/Imperial Officer does not have this issue.

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