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If an X-34 Landspeeder unit has the Unstable R5 Astromech equipped, and chooses to perform it's compulsory move after it's regular actions, would that occur before or during the same timing window as the R5 upgrade?

Additionally, both the Landspeeder and the Speeder Truck can perform this attack even if they already attacked in their activation, because it isn't an action, correct?

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Hey there,

You can trigger the "R5 Astromech" after you perform your compulsory move. Compulsory Move happens at the start or end of the Perform Actions step of the units activation (Step 3), so you would  be able to trigger the Astromech after you make your compulsory move because the effect occurs during Step 4. 

To answer your second question - Yes, you can use the "R5 Astromech" attack even if you have already attacked during your activation, because the effect of that card is not an attack action. 

Hope that helps! 


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