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Surprise Attack Station Placement

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Resubmitting per request.

In Surprise Attack, the second player places the station at distance 1-5 from the first player's edge. Does this infer that the station may be placed within the deployment zones at a distance 1-3 of the 1st player's edge? Normally there are restrictions where the placement of obstacles must be outside of distance 1-3 of the player edges.

Follow-up questions: Does the definition of the first player's edge also include the play area? Can the station be placed outside of the set-up area at distance 1-5, along the first player's edge?

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Please refer to following clarification for this objective found in the Rules Reference Guide in regards to your first question.


During setup, the station can be placed beyond or overlapping the first player’s deployment zone.

Yes, the station can be placed within the first players deployment zone.

No, you cannot place the station outside of the setup area into the play area.

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