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Terrain Size Clarification

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I am not sure which scale to use. Before people say "REALY?! Are you serious?" AMG has the "official" scale which is on the bottom of every piece they make, but then there is also this chart (below) that they have provided that is a "suggestion". I took the time to do the math and wrote in blue the in² for an overall measurement rather than the rectangle shape that seems to be prefered(???). I do know that the game is accepting of unofficial terrain and that is what the chart is for (I'm pretty postivie), but the board has a limited space and as such I believe scaling should be based on the terrain's footprint (in²). That would make it universal (ease of use) when comparing official to unofficial.

Conclusion: the in² of the "official" terrain does not match up with AMG's own chart. The numbers given in the chart, are they targets or maximums? If targets they are way off, but if maximum the 12.5in² Daily Bugle exceeds the limit of 2 therefor is a 3 (as stamped). I know it says rough for all the other viewers.


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Hey there Artisan, we do not adhere to a strict "there should be this much terrain" or "terrain has to be these sizes". It is really up to you the player to decide what you like to play with in your games and on your tables. The chart posted above is some guidelines but in no way is hard and fast rules.

In short - do what you want and have fun with it!

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