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Inconspicuous, saber throw, versatile interaction

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I have Dooku with the force upgrade “saber throw” equipped. I have played his 1-pip, “Fear, surprise, intimidation”, granting him Versatile, Arsenal 2, and Relentless for the turn. I move Dooku into base contact with my opponent’s R2 with one suppression token on it, thus Inconspicuous is active.

If, after this move I am in range of another of my opponent’s units, am I allowed to perform a melee attack against R2 provided I perform an attack against the other unit first? What about if I am in range of 2 of my opponent’s other units in addition to R2?


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Hey there,

You must perform an attack against another unit if able - so if Count Dooku was in range 2 of another unit you must attack that other unit. Because you have "Saber Throw" equipped and Fear, Surprise, Intimidation in play (which makes Dooku's lightening versatile), you would have to attack a unit at range 1-2 if it would be legal to do so. Even with arsenal, you cannot elect to use one attack at range at one attack in melee, if you have another legal option. 

Hope that helps! 


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