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Oblong bases and deploying next to the border

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Hi, my question is: If I deploy a mini with an oblong base in such a way that the (long) side of it's base is nearly touching and parallel to a border of the map, is there any way for the mini to pivot/move away from the border, without being forced to move in such a way that part of it's base is outside the map during part of it's movement?


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Hey there,

No, unfortunately there is not. Remember that you could use the following bullet from the RRG to help you deploy Oblong base miniatures:

  •  Each mini with an oblong bases (such as the TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank) may extend beyond the boundary of a player's deployment zone so long as its base is touching the edge of the battlefield within that deployment zone and at least half of the base is within the boundary of the deployment zone.


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