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Claiming objectives with Unit Leaders

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Can you claim objectives with a commander or an operative?


The RRG says a that "For units with only one mini, that mini is the unit leader".   So it seems like an operative like Sabine or Boba Fett, or a commander like Iden Versio could claim an objective in something like the "Recover the Supplies" scenario.


I'm not sure if we read it somewhere, but our group limit the "claim" action to units with more than one model and a clear unit leader (so basically corps and special forces units).  I think the debate revolved around commanders and operatives not having a unit leader, but when I read the line in the RRG I'm not so sure we have been playing correctly...


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Hey there,

Like you pointed out, single miniature units are also their own units leader. "Recover the Supplies" specifies trooper unit leaders, so as long as the unit type matches that (Boba and Sabine do), they can claim objective tokens in that mission. 


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