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Can one unit engage 2 units if it can get into base contact

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So my opponent has left 2 units very close together, my Luke charges in and manages to get into B2B contact with a mini from unit A and unit B. 

1. Are both unit A&B engaged?

2. does Luke have to declare which unit is engaged?

3. If Luke declares he is engaged with unit A can unit B move freely out of B2B contact without having to withdraw?

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As stated in the section "Moving into Melee," "...miniatures may never move or be placed in such a way that they would be in base contact with multiple enemy units..."

In your example, Luke Skywalker may not complete that move in that manner. He may move into base contact with either enemy unit A or enemy unit B; not both. Whichever enemy trooper unit with which he ends in base contact will become engaged.

Hope this helps,

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