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Admiral Trench & General Draven (commander)

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With Admiral Trench, when a friendly ship uses only a token to resolve a command, that matches one that is revealed by Admiral Trench, they get to resolve that command as if it had spent a dial + token.

Example: A Providence-class Carrier is resolving a squadron command, by spending a token as per Admiral Trench's effect, which would normally be a total of 5 squadrons (4 for the dial + 1 for the token) (not factoring in upgrades). If General Draven (commander), has also revealed a squadron command would the Providence-class Carrier still get to activate the 5 squadrons? Or only 2, thanks to General Draven's (commander) ability?

Based on the ruling to question 3 in this thread: 

As only a token is being spent to gain the benefit granted by Admiral Trench, they should get the full effect of dial + token, is this correct?

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