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Can a panicked unit still score/claim Objectives?

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If a unit panic's can it still claim objectives?

Say, a unit panic's but is still within Range 1 of an objective, like Intercept the Transmissions, after its move action?
What if a unit with an objective token leaves the table, does it drop the objective at the board edge?
Can a unit with a claimed objective Drop/Unclaim the objective if it becomes panicked?

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Hey there,

Yes, units that are currently panicking can still score during objectives like Intercept the Transmissions. 

When a unit panics, it drops whatever objective tokens it has claimed and they are now Unclaimed. They drop as soon as the unit performs it's panic move, wherever they were placed last. They cannot Claim an Unclaimed objective token while panicking, as they cannot perform any actions. 

Hope that helps! 


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