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Charge/Relentless attack outside of the activation

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In "Charge" (and "Relentless") it states that a unit that has already performed an attack action during its activation cannot perform a free attack action via that keyword.

If i have padme e.g. and she has a shareable standby token (via exemplar) that anakin (after he played his command card which gives him relentless) uses to make a move towards an enemy unit, which lets him come into base contact, that would technically trigger relentless, but what if that happens after anakins activation and after he already attacked in that activation in that turn?

Am i still allowed to attack via relentless in that case? Is that limit only supposed to be limiting attacks INSIDE of an activation, or is this limit for charge/relentless supposed to be per turn, not per activation?

PS: This is also important for Yoda's upcoming Guidance-Ability, if it finds its way into the game like it currently is.

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Hey there,

Yes, Anakin would still be able to use the free attack action from Relentless in your example. You are limited to one attack action (free or otherwise) during your activation. If you somehow gain the ability to make another attack action outside of your activation (like with your standby example above), you can legally make that attack. 


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