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If a character is on top of a size 4 terrain and a character with flight is beneath them, how does LOS work? Is the one with flight considered to be at a Level 5 due to flight or is the character on the terrain out of LOS?

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So considering your response and according with Page 22 of the PDF rulebook 


And the following situation


The red character can see the green one because it ignores the building, but the green one doesn't see the red one because it can't ignore it. Is this correct? If not, where is the key sentencie on the rulebook stating that the green one can also see its foe? 😞 

Many thanks for the detailed replies! 

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The first sentence of your picture from the rulebook covers this. 

If both characters are size 2 and that building is size 4, when determining LOS from green to red the size of red becomes the sum of its size and the terrain feature it is on. So the green character can see the now size 6 red character on top of the size 4 building.

Keep in mind this size change is only for LOS. If these two characters are more than range 2 away from each other the red character will have cover (size 2 hiding within a size 4 terrain feature).

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2 hours ago, Lord_Herman said:


Green can see red because, although the LoS is going through a size 4 element, the enemy on the top is not size 2, is size 6 (for LoS purposes).

Thank you 🙂 

You’re welcome.

Remember, LOS isn’t doesn’t go through the physical space the terrain feature takes up. All measurements are done horizontally. There is no vertical measurement to do. 

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