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Wicket is a Mercenary with the Ewok Affiliation.  Per page 38 of the Rulebook, "A unit with an affiliation can be issued orders only by a friendly unit that has the same affiliation."  

The Command Card A Beautiful Friend is a Leia Organa-specific card that issues an order to "Wicket and Leia Organa."  Leia Organa is a Rebel unit - she does not have the same affiliation as Wicket.  As such, per the Rulebook, it would appear that an army with Leia Organa can bring and play A Beautiful Friend (assuming all other criteria are met), but that Leia would not actually be able to issue an order to Wicket. 

Is this correct?  Would Leia have to gain Allies of Convenience (say, from the Underworld Connections upgrade card) in order to actually issue an order to both herself and Wicket with A Beautiful Friendship?  Or does the fact that the card specifies giving an order to a named unit override the fact that Leia does not share Wicket's affiliation?

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As Wicket is a mercenary unit, he may only be issued orders by units which share his affiliation (Ewoks).

The Allies of Convenience keyword, as mentioned and if available, will allow Leia Organa to issue an order to Wicket regardless of affiliation.

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