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Commander Cody - Have I ever Let You Down - "at Range 4"

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Commander Cody's Have I ever Let You Down Command Card states:

"... if Clone Commander Cody is at Range 4 of and has LOS to the enemy unit, he may perform an attack against that unit."


The Legion Rulebook describes at page 11 that "at" in relation to range, means:

"An object is at a range of another object if any portion of it is inside that range as measured by the range tool ... only one miniature in the unit must be at the given range."


Does the Command card require the enemy unit to be in the Range 4 segment of the rule, measured from Cody, for Cody to be able to do the free attack?

Or was the intention that Cody merely be eligble?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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As stated under Measurement in the core rulebook, when only a single range is shown, that is the maximum range for that effect. Clone Commander Cody may declare and resolve attacks targeting units at ranges up to and including its maximum range of 4 when using the Have I Ever Let You Down? command card.

Hope this helps,

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