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Cosmis Ghost-Rider "It's Time-Travel...don't ask"

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The way it's worded, if he has a Psychosis token while playing this card, in no universe the movement could help him win another VP since he cannot contest any. But the way the card works, it does not look like the Psychosis Token has effect. 


Does it takes into consideration he has no token while checking if he wins the objective?

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The timing of the psychosis token dropping on It's Time Travel feels confusing.

If you have the token you can't secure the point which is a requirement for the card effect to gain a VP off the card.

Technically, as it stands, it's just a 5 power M move, and then you drop the token immediately before it would normally drop helping you to avoid it next turn. 

I’m guessing it’s intended to score you the point even though with the token, Ghost Rider wouldn’t be able to secure the objective? 

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