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If a player spends a single aim token to increase the range of a weapon using the longshot rule for an attack where they also use the gunslinger rule to select a second defending unit using the same weapon, does the weapon retain the increased range for the attack declared against the (second unit) additional defender? (Or would a second aim token be required to be spent to increase the range of the weapon for the second "gunslinger attack"?)


Specific example: Cassian's 1 pip card Crack Shot and he has the range 2 (with longshot 1) side of his config weapon active. If he spends one aim token during his activation while declaring the first defender to increase the weapons range to 3, would the weapon still have range 3 when he declares the additional defender due to gunslinger (therefore able to shoot two units at range 3 during his activation by spending only a single aim token)?



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A unit with a weapon with the Longshot keyword may spend 1 aim token to increase its maximum range by 1 during the Declare Defender step. This will have to be repeated if additional defenders are declared later in the attack process.

In your example, Cassian Andor would have to spend 1 aim token for each target he wishes to attack at range 3.

Hope this helps,

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