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Cody's 1 and 3 pips allow him to use "his" free actions multiple times. The supply drop battle deck condition card says that non-creature trooper units gain "free action: resupply". However, the CRB states that a unit in base contact with the supply drop token "may use" the resupply action. image.png.f293f981bcbb8c5da5034e1e26449ba2.png


It says nothing about gaining the resupply action. Does the battle deck card wording still apply--Cody gains free action: resupply and can use it twice during his 1 and 3 pips?

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When playing with the Supply Drop condition card, all non-creature trooper units gain the Resupply card action. The pictured core rulebook text explains in detail when and how to make use of that action.

As Clone Commander Cody has gained this free action, he may indeed use it twice during his activation, as described on the Bring it Down! and Combined Arms command cards.

Note that the same will be true for Yoda when his Size Matters Not command card is in play.

Hope this helps,

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