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Immune: Deflect & Guardian with Soresu Mastery

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Hi there! 

Immune: Deflect says" During an attack, if the attack pool contains weapons with the Immune: Deflect keyword, the attacking unit cannot suffer wounds due to the defending unit using the Ataru Mastery, Deflect, Djem So Mastery, or Soresu Mastery abilities."

If Kenobi will use Guardian with Soresu Mastery against Immune: Deflect, this means that attacking unit may suffer wounds because Obi-Wan isn't defending unit

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As quoted, the Immune: Deflect keyword prevents the attacking unit from suffering wound due to the defending unit using the relevant keywords.

The unit using Guardian; in this case, Obi-Wank Kenobi; is not defending. Yes, the attacking unit may suffer wounds as a result of the Soresu Mastery keyword, even if it has the Immune: Deflect keyword.

Hope this helps,

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