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Deadly Legacy Virus with statuses, and Magento's leadership with terrain that is destroyed in the clean up phase.

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Two questions:

1. How does carrying the extract from Deadly Legacy Virus interact with statuses? If a character has bleed and the extract, would they take damage then heal?

2. How does Magneto's leadership interact with terrain destroyed in the cleanup phase? If 3 pieces of terrain were destroyed, Size 1, size 2, and size 3 respectively how power be given out? Would I be able to give 6 power to one person? Would i be able to give 3 power to 1 person, two power to another, and 1 to a final person?

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Please limit threads to one question. 

1. The character will take Bleed damage as a neutral non-player effect before the crisis effect will resolve. 

2. Magneto’s leadership is limited to within a turn. Terrain features destroyed during the Cleanup Phase will not generate power due to From the Ruins…

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