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Cosmic Ghost Rider; Chains vs Shield Mind

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If Cosmic Ghost Rider uses Chains of Cyttorak and Emma Frost uses Shield Mind on the target so the Push does not happen, has the Chains affacted the model or not? Aka can the power be used again?

There are multiple similiar things but I don't think there is any with the same wording. Venom Web Snare for example says model can be pushed only once and Modok Bow says the power can only be used once. Venom can redo it but Modok can't.

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Cosmic Ghost Rider's Chains of Cyttorak rule states that a character "can be affected by this superpower only once per turn". If Emma Frost or Jean Grey responds to the Chains by using Shield Mind to prevent the push, can Cosmic Ghost Rider use Chains again on the same target?

Normally once per turn pushes say a character can only be moved by the superpower once per turn, so they can be used multiple times vs Shield Mind. But Chains says "affected", which is much broader.

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Shield Mind vs Chains of Cyttorak should stop both the push (and the incinerate) as well as any further attempt to Chains the same target right?

It says on Chains of Cyttorak that the target model can only be “affected” by said superpower once. Is the model “affected”, it just isn’t pushed, if you protect it with Shield Mind?

This is opposed to say webline where it says the model can only be “pushed” by the superpower once.

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If they are pulled or incinerated, they have been affected and he may not use it again.

If they are neither pulled nor incinerated, then they are not affected and Cosmic Ghost Rider may try again on the same character.

Keep in mind that a model not physically moving (I.E. There is another model or a piece of terrain preventing it from moving) is not the same as the model not being pushed via the use of a Team Tactics Card like Indomitable or a superpower like Shield Mind

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