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Research Station scoring timing

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3 hours ago, GhostDeer said:

Is the second clause triggering reliant on the first happening or is the Then just sequential. Like, if no one is securing the researcher for the first check, does the second check still happen?

It’s sequential. The second check will still happen and the points will be scored simultaneously with the other crisis. 

See below for clarity.

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When I said this is sequential above that was unclear. The rule is telling players to score the in two different ways in a particular order but is not intending to link the two scoring methods. Scoring rules in the Scoring box should be treated as independent statements in the same way a paragraph break or the use of "Additionally" would for other rules as found in the Multiple Things FAQ entry. Sin's Red Mayhem Leadership does this as well with its bullet points. This will be made clearer in the future.

Once the number of points to be scored from both crisis cards has been determined, they are scored simultaneously in step 1 of the Cleanup Phase.

The rules below the Setup and Scoring boxes have always followed the Multiple Things FAQ entry which is why the objectives in Mayor Fisk Vows to Find Missing Witnesses and Terrigen Clouds Sweep Over City will not move or deal damage to characters near them if no player has secured them in the Cleanup Phase.

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