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RRG states on smoke tokens: Clouds of smoke on the battlefield can provide tactical cover to troops. Trooper units whose unit leader is at range 1 of a smoke token improve their cover by 1. While a trooper unit is attacking, if the attacking unit leader is at range 1 of a smoke token, the defender improves their cover by 1. Smoke tokens are removed at the end of each round.  

So a few scenarios:

1. Statement above leads me to believe if the unit leader is inside the range one smoke they get cover one. Yes?

2.  Statement above leads me to believe if the unit leader is inside the range one smoke and are attacking out the defender gets cover one. Yes?

3. If the unit leader is outside of the range one smoke and shooting across the range one smoke towards a defender who is not inside the range 1 smoke does the defender get cover 1? This seems logical to me as someone who has deployed real world smoke grenades. However, I know the rules are written that if it doesn't say it happens then it doesn't happen. 

4. It sounds very specific that the unit leader has to be within to get cover 1 from smoke. What if the unit leader is out of the range 1 of the smoke but say a full squad of 5 are within the smoke. Does the unit get cover 1?

5. I have been saying inside or within range one of smoke but the rules state "at range 1". Does that mean the unit leader could be in base contact with the edge of the smoke and not within and be provided cover?

6. The intent behind smoke "feels" like non difficult temporary area terrain that provides cover 1 to anyone inside the range one zone and anyone being shot at from within the range one zone. Yes?

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Guest AMG_Luke

Hello! I'm happy to clarify the smoke token effects, here are the answers to each of your questions:

1. Yep!

2. Indeed!

3. In that scenario the defender does not gain cover 1 from the smoke token. A smoke token can only effect units whose unit leaders are range 1 of said token. 

4. Note that the unit leader must be at range 1 (which includes within, but is different). But yes, this is specific on purpose. For ease of play, it is simpler to check the position of the unit leader, rather than each mini in the unit.

5. Correct, see previous answer. 

6. Yep! Though, as I alluded to, it is simpler to determine than area terrain, since it only "checks" for the position of the unit leader. 

Let me know if that answers your questions! 

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